Kit Kat - Raspberry & Passionfruit

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another KK flavor I ordered from NapaJapan; Rasberry & Passionfruit, this is a special Valetines Day flavor:
I'll be honest with you, I'm not a fan of Raspberry & I don't quite like Passionfruit either...the reasons why I ordered this flavor is because in the description, it states that they used dark choc to coat the wafers, and since I love dark choc (but not too much cocoa content), I was willing to give this a go...and also because I am open to all flavors, I have the intention of trying every Japanese KK flavor there is available!

Alright so firstly, the choc coating, they didn't hold back! Sure enough, about 70% of all I could taste was the bitterness of the dark choc. Which I'm fine with that...but I couldn't really taste much else...the raspberry & passionfruit flavor was fruity but rather unpleasant for me.
Overall, it just wasn't very nice for my taste, rather disappointing...but since I don't like passionfruit & raspberry, I didn't have much expectations anyway, but to each their own.

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Kit Kat - Kinako Ohagi

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I love eating Japanese Ohagi! It's like mochi, but made of sweet rice, and 'Kinako' is toasted soy flour. This flavor sounded really yummy so I was eager to give it a try & ordered it at NapaJapan along with the 6 other flavors KK I ordered.
the coating is milk choc this time, preferable over white choc for me, I could taste the sweet Ohagi & the slight toasted taste of the soy flour...although I felt the flavor of the Ohagi could've been abit stronger.
Overall, it was really good, I will definitely be getting more of this

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Vitali 'Love Latic' drink

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I love this drink! It tastes rather similar to the famous Japan-originated Yakult drink, but somewhat different. This is called the 'Love Latic' drink from Taiwanese beverage company Vitali. I buy it at my local Chinese grocer at least once a week.
This is the original flavor (a Strawberry flavor is also available):
it has a sweet flavour with a slightly tangy taste, which was very pleasant, and at only $1.90 for a big 750ml bottle of this drink, it's really good value!

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'Pejoy' biscuit sticks - Cheesecake & Red Wine

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In the world of biscuit stick snacks, Glico's 'Pocky' definitely leads the way...but its inverted counterpart 'Toppo' from Lotte has a strong holding, as does Pocky's sister brand 'Pretz'.
As far as I knew, Glico has never produced an inverted version of their star product 'Pocky' to parallel with 'Toppo'...that was, until 2 days ago when I went to my local Chinese grocery, they had stocked on some new snacks, and I noticed a new snack product from Glico that I had never seen until that day. It's called 'Pejoy', the inverted version of 'Pocky' & the equivalent of 'Toppo'.
Curious, I went to search 'Pejoy' on google & noticed that there's quite a number of different flavors for it...however, I could only find 2 flavors available at my local chinese grocery; Cheesecake, and a Red Wine chocolate flavor. And apparently, it seems 'Pejoy' is a product produced solely by Glico's Chinese division in Shanghai. Unlike its sister products 'Pocky' & 'Pretz' which are mass produced by every branch of Glico worldwide...then again, that could be the reason why I had never heard of 'Pejoy' until that day.

Anyway, this is the cheesecake flavor:
it has a nice, though slightly mild cheesecake flavor in the cream filling of the biscuit sticks...personally, I would've liked the cheesecake flavor to be a little stronger, but nevertheless I loved every bite! I will definitely be buying this again

My rating (overall):

and here's the Red Wine 'Pejoy' flavor:
I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about this flavor initially because I hate wine & beer and any sort of alcohol beverage since I can't tolerate the taste of alcohol. But I managed to gather up the courage to give it a go at least. The first thing I noticed when I opened the first packet was the color of the biscuit sticks, they were dark brown in color. Unlike regular biscuit sticks which are pretzel-like...these biscuit sticks are made with cocoa. Whilst the flavor of the red wine cream filling wasn't as empowering as a freshly poured glass of wine, which was a relief for me. Although the taste & aroma of red wine was still quite strong and dominated the flavor of the choc.
Overall, it was a interesting experience for me, the wine flavor isn't too strong, and nor was it subtle...if you're a lover of wine, then you would probably love this...but if not, then you might want to give this a pass. I personally liked it, it's definitely not a flavor I'm particularly fond of...I have no intentions of buying this flavor on a frequent basis...but it wasn't anything "bad" just depends on personal preference.

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Matcha mochi

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I love Japanese mochi, daifuku & other kinds of Wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets)! But the only mochis I can find in shops over here in Australia are all pre-made packed from Taiwanese companies...unless I go to a Japanese bakery, but there's none near my home...there are some in the CBD though.

Anyway, this is Matcha (green tea) mochi from Taiwan-originated food company Royal Family, they make some of the best pre-made packed mochis! And I love drinking green tea, so when I saw this in my local chinese grocery, I immediately threw a box of it into my grocery basket.
Picture-043.jpg Picture-044.jpg
as I opened up the packet, the smell of fresh brewed matcha immediately filled my nostrils, I popped the first ball of mochi into my mouth & tasted the generous amount of green tea flavor. It was delicious, I think I finished the whole box in just under 6 minutes!

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Pocky - Strawberry

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'Pocky', my favorite biscuit stick snack from Glico! And strawberry, 1 of the classic fave flavors!
Picture-055.jpg Picture-057.jpg
crispy biscuit sticks covered in sweet artificial strawberry chocolate, very nice combination, although I was a little disappointed that artificial flavouring was used, instead of using some authentic strawberry bits. But overall these strawberry Pocky sticks were very yummy.

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'Tim Tam' chocolate biscuits - Classic dark

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Tim Tam! Yum! They're famous chocolate biscuits from Australian-originated food & snack giant Arnott's. I've loved these choc biscuits for years, and have always wished that Arnott's would make them in dark choc, and my wish has finally come true! Introducing Tim Tam 'Classic Dark'!
It's even more delicious than the original milk choc Tim Tam! Well, no surprise here coming from a dark choc lover!
But I don't think the choc coating is bitter enough for my taste, meaning not enough cocoa content in the dark choc...I was still able to taste the slight bitterness in the choc, but it's very subtle and it tastes closer to milk choc, rather than dark choc.
But other than that, it's delicious.

My rating (overall):



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