Kit Kat - Royal Milk Tea

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Another Kit Kat flavor I ordered from NapaJapan; Royal Milk Tea:
firstly, I like the packaging with the little soldiers at the bottom, good detail, it immediately reminds me of England & gives me the impression that this flavor is based on the English style milk tea...which I happened to have drank quite a few times in the past.
Anyway, onto the flavor of the KK's a bit disappointing to say the least...the coating is white choc, obviously...but the milk tea flavor is very subtle, I can barely taste the very mild milk tea flavor, about 90% of the flavor was white choc.
Overall, this still has a nice flavor & I still quite like it...the only major setback is the mild milk tea flavor, it's way too subtle, it tastes more like plain white choc KK (with only a hint of milk tea flavor) rather than milk tea KK.

My rating (overall):

Kit Kat - 'Calpis' drink

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So you all know I've always been obsessed with Japanese stuff & have always wanted to try all those exciting & wacky Kit Kat flavors from is so hard to find them outside Japan, so I feel so fortunate when I found this great little online shop some weeks ago that sells a wide range of Japanese confectioneries & snacks called NapaJapan! They currently have a total of 93 listings for Japanese kit kats alone! They also sell many more fantastic japanese delights like my favorite biscuit stick 'Pocky' from Japanese confectionery giant Glico! And other famous sweets & snacks like 'Pretz' (also from Glico), and 'Cruncky' & 'Toppo' (from LOTTE). They also sell the products at much lower prices than Ebay & the shipping fees are reasonable too.
So for all Japanese snack lovers & people who want to try Japanese confectionery, I strongly recommend you visit NapaJapan!

Anyway, this is just 1 of the 7 KK flavors I ordered from NapaJapan; 'Calpis':
I love the drink, I always buy a bottle of it every week at my local Chinese grocery, so when I saw this flavor, I didn't hesitate to order. I expected it to have a decent amount of the Calpis drink flavor, and it did, much to my delight
They also sold this flavor in a party pack of 13 mini bars, but because this was my first try of this particular flavor, I only ordered 2 mini bars for US$1.99, just in case I didn't like it. But now I wish I had ordered the entire pack because I love it so much!I will definitely order this flavor again, and next time it will be the entire pack!

My rating (overall):

Kit Kat chunky - Cookies & Cream

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Another Kit Kat from Australia; Cookies & Cream! Mmm...Oishii!
Picture-007.jpg Picture-008.jpg
It has just about the same amount of cream as the wafer biscuits, with just about the right amount of black cookie pieces (I'm guessing they're 'Oreo' biscuits).
Overall, it's good...although I would've preferred if they had coated it with dark choc instead of milk choc...I think the coating of the milk choc is a bit too thick, I often can't stand too much milk or white chocolate in one go, as they're both very sweet & sometimes soars my throat...dark choc is less sweet & even consumed in excess is tolerable for me, so it's a personal thing for me. I'm ok with this flavor just the way it is...only that I wish KK Australia would sell them in regular sized bars or those party sized mini the moment they only sell them in chunky size & has too much milk choc for my taste.

My rating (overall):

Kit Kat - Dark chocolate

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here's a Kit Kat from Australia; DARK!
Picture-005.jpg Picture-006.jpg
Believe it or not, I'm a HUGE lover of dark chocolate! I'm perhaps 1 of the very few ppl in this world who actually prefers dark choc over milk & white choc! Seriously, I love that slight bitterness in dark choc & the fact that dark choc has more cocoa content, thus having higher nutritional value. I don't need any fancy flavors, usually I can just settle very well with just a block of plain dark choc.

Anyway, this Kit Kat flavor is pure heaven for me; I mean, the combination of my favorite choc snack & my fav choc type, it just can't get any better than that!I'm a huge fan of all those unique & exciting Japanese Kit Kat flavors...but this dark choc flavor KK from Australia is no doubt my ultimate fav non-Japanese KK flavor!I had consumed the entire pack in under 1 minute!
My only complaint about it is its small size the moment, KK Australia only sells this dark choc flavor in 4 mini-fingers packs. I would much prefer if they sell them in chunky size or those party sized mini KK packs too.

My rating (overall):

Crab & cheese bun

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this is the other bun my mom bought for me from Nice Bakery 3 days ago, another 1 of my favs!
Picture-003.jpg Picture-004.jpg
But it is a bit of a "rip off" bun because in spite of its name, as you can see, the "crab" used is actually NOT real crab meat...instead it's a deli-style machine-processed seafood cocktail stick...which is a bit disappointing...since it's called a 'CRAB & cheese' bun, you would expect it to have REAL crab meat on it, but it doesn't. However, because I also love seafood cocktail sticks, the "rip off" isn't that big a issue for me, and the bun also has a generous amount of mayonnaise & a few big slices of yummy pineapple...and of course the bit of cheese on the top. Sometimes they even add a bit of pork floss to the topping too! So the bun has quite a lot of different ingredients, which gives the bun a nice combination of different flavors.
Unlike the BBQ pork bun, this bun is delicious eaten either warm or cool/cold.
I just wish they would put more of the yummy "crab"/pineapple topping.

My rating (overall):
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BBQ pork bun

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I've always loved these BBQ pork buns baked fresh in your local Chinese many places you go where there's a community of Chinese (mainly Canto) locals, there will be at least 1 Chinese (Canto) bakery open that makes these cute little dim sum buns of many kinds & cakes.

Anyway, I was coming down with the flu 3 days ago & my mom went down to our local Chinese bakery called Nice Bakery located on the south parade, just opposite of Auburn train station. My mom and I regularly go there, it's a nice little bakery.
Anyway, my mom bought me 2 of my all-time favorite buns; BBQ pork bun, and the crab & cheese bun.

this is the BBQ pork bun (I took a bite of it before I remembered to take a photo!):
Picture-001.jpg Picture-002.jpg

My rating (overall):

I actually don't really like the bun itself very much, but I love the pork filling! I just wish they would add more of the pork filling, after all, it's the star of the show! Often I think the baker don't put enough of the delicious pork filling into the bun & sometimes the bun is too small, which is a bit disappointing...but $1.40 for each bun I guess is quite a decent price.
Category :Savory snacks
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