Sangaria 'Hajikete' - Cider drink

Posted by Linda on 08. 2013 1 comments
I can't believe that the last time I had posted a review about a drink or beverage was back in January of 2011! That's almost 2 years & 10 months ago! So I decided it's finally time to post another drink review, and this will be the first time EVER for me to review about a beverage from a Japanese company. Obviously being someone who has such a crazy obsession with Japanese snacks and food, it's ironic that I don't drink much Japanese beverages in comparison. But that's not because I don't like drinks & beverages produced by Japanese companies, in fact, I love Matcha (Japanese powdered green tea) and Ramune (a popular Japanese soft drink), and various modern drinks & ice teas produced by famous Japanese brewery companies like KIRIN and Suntory. I guess I'm just not as interested in drinks as I am with food and sweets, and that includes all drinks, Japanese or not.

Anyway, today the drink I will be reviewing is a cider drink produced by Japanese brewing company Sangaria, this cider is part of their 'Hajikete' range of soft drinks, in Japanese "Hajikete" literally means to "burst open":

I got this drink from my last shopping trip to Maruyu about 3 weeks ago, but I didn't buy it, it was actually given to me as a FREE gift! Maruyu often has special promotions in which they give you a FREE gift if you spend a certain amount of money. On that particular day I went shopping, they had a promotion on in which they gave you a can of this cider for free if you spend $20 or more in 1 transaction. Whenever I shop at Maruyu I typically spend about $20-$30, but often I can spend over $40 there too (that includes their ¥100/$2.50 shop upstairs), so I would usually receive the freebies whenever they have some kind of special promotion on!
Well onto the review, the drink was like soda, fizzy and sweet with a mild fruity flavor, it was very refreshing and a great drink to quench your thirst during the warmer seasons. There's really not very much to comment on the drink, overall it was a very refreshing and tasty drink.

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Corn tea drink

Posted by Linda on 18. 2011 2 comments 0 trackback
a interesting & healthy drink from Hung Fook Tong (a famous Chinese food & beverage company originating in Hong Kong); Corn tea drink:
initially I wasn't sure what kind of tea the company used to make the drink...until I took my first sip and realized that it was black tea. Despite the addition of sugar to the drink, the tea retained a lot of its rich aroma & taste, the little bit of sugar merely added a bit of sweetness to the drink. The flavor of the corn on the other hand was a bit of a was way too subtle, I could barely taste it, the taste of black tea was so dominating everything else, that the flavor of the corn was virtually non-existent. The drink tasted more like simple sweetened black tea, rather than corn black tea.
But all in all, it was still a refreshing drink, and it did quench my thirst, so that definitely accounts to something.

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Vitali 'Love Latic' drink

Posted by Linda on 07. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
I love this drink! It tastes rather similar to the famous Japan-originated Yakult drink, but somewhat different. This is called the 'Love Latic' drink from Taiwanese beverage company Vitali. I buy it at my local Chinese grocer at least once a week.
This is the original flavor (a Strawberry flavor is also available):
it has a sweet flavour with a slightly tangy taste, which was very pleasant, and at only $1.90 for a big 750ml bottle of this drink, it's really good value!

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