ALDI supermarket - 'Sprinters' assorted potato chips

Posted by Linda on 19. 2015 2 comments
Hi again everyone, I'm back with more snack reviews! This time I'm going to take another break from reviewing Japanese snacks, as much as I'm obsessed with Japanese snacks, there's just so much great snacks from other parts of the world too, so once in a while I feel compelled to reserve some room in this blog for reviews about non-Japanese food and snacks. And since the last time I reviewed about anything not Japanese related was back in June last year, I felt it's about time to post more reviews about non-Japanese food and snacks, so today's reviews will be a few of them

But before I start with today's reviews, I just wanted to express how much my life has become so much easier ever since the ALDI discount supermarket store opened in my suburb about 2 years ago! Ever since the store opened near my neighbourhood, I have been frequently buying most of my groceries there, many of their products are very good quality and sold at very cheap prices, just about all the products they sell are cheaper than other supermarkets, you will always find great bargains at the ALDI supermarket, thanks to ALDI, I have saved on alot of money over the years on my groceries ever since I switched to shopping at their store ALDI makes many of their own products through their own private brands. One of ALDI's own private brands is called Sprinters, apparently it is ALDI's own brand of potato chips snacks, and today I will be reviewing an assortment of Sprinters potato chips!
Firstly, I will start with this large 200g (NOT 2kg! I don't know why I typed 2kg, I must've been thinking about something else! XP) packet of Sprinters crinkle-cut potato chips in chicken flavour:

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new Sailor Moon Crystal tortilla chips!

Posted by Linda on 21. 2015 0 comments
To coincide with the release of the new Sailor Moon reboot anime titled Sailor Moon Crystal that was made to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of this famous manga/anime franchise last year, there has been ALOT of new official SM merchandise of all sorts being released since as early as late 2013, and more merchandise are still being released now and in the coming months! Among the now countless number of new SM merchandise are numerous different food products, including different types of sweets & confectionery, and even these packets of Sailor Moon Crystal tortilla chips, which I will be reviewing today

These new tortilla chips are produced by Japanese snack company Koikeya and were just recently released earlier this month. There are 3 different flavours available and each flavour comes in 6 different packagings, each packaging with a different Sailor Senshi on them, all 5 of the inner Senshis are available as well as Tuxedo Mask. I bought all 3 flavours of these tortilla chips online at, the packagings were selected randomly so I didn't know which Senshis I was getting until I received them, apparently I got Sailor Mercury (she's my favorite!), Mars and Venus

Since there are 3 different flavours I will review them separately, I'll start with this Bagnacauda anchovy & garlic flavour that has Sailor Mars on the packaging:

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Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini Peas & Consommé potato chips

Posted by Linda on 17. 2014 0 comments

I hope you all had a joyous Xmas and New Year celebrations I do sincerely apologize for not updating for soooo long, believe it or not, while most people were enjoying the relaxing holiday season, I still had to go to work during this busy summer break! During the course of the holiday period, I've been working 6 days a week because I had to fill-in for several colleagues who went on vacations on top of working my own shifts! so I didn't have much free time during the past several weeks. But now that some of my colleagues have returned from their holidays, I'm finally back to working only 4 days a week, thus I finally have the free time to update my blogs again

Anyway, moving onto my food reviews for today, I think it's rather obvious judging from my more recent reviews that I've developed an 'obsession' for Bourbon's 'Petit' series snacks (as I had emphasized once before), they are just too irresistibly good! so it shouldn't come as a total surprise that today I will be reviewing 2 more snacks from the company's most popular snack brand!
So I went to Maruyu again last week and bought these Peas and Consommé flavoured mini potato chips from the 'Petit' series. I often say that Japan is a country that has practically everything, and it could not be more true, Japan has literally everything from the super cool stuff to the adoringly kawaii things, the interesting things, and then there's the downright bizarre and wacky. This is why I love Japan and find it to be such a fascinating country, they have the cool, kawaii, interesting, innovative, bizarre and wacky all combined into 1 nation! and the Japanese do love to come up with some weird and wacky flavour ideas for their snacks and junk food such as their soy sauce and wasabi flavoured Kit Kats, and corn potage or some other savory flavoured ice pops/popsicles. And that's certainly the case again here, I mean, who besides the Japanese would think of peas or consommé flavoured potato chips? None, only the Japanese would!

Anyway, I'll review the consommé flavoured potato chips first:

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini Chicken crackers

Posted by Linda on 06. 2013 0 comments
Now let's return to the diverse world of Japanese snacks, lately I've been craving alot of snacks from Bourbon's popular 'Petit' series, I can't help it, they're just too irresistably yummy! So today I will be reviewing another treat from this delectable mini snack series, and it will be another savoury snack, mini chicken crackers!

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini potato chips

Posted by Linda on 13. 2013 0 comments
I love the 'Petit' series brand of yummy mini treats from popular Japanese snack manufacturer Bourbon, basically they are a range of yummy classic snacks & treats (mostly cookies/biscuits) made into small bite-size pieces, there are currently 24 different types of mini treats in the 'Petit' series range, and still growing. The 'Petit' series is 1 of Bourbon's trademark brands and it's very popular in Japan because of their convenience, the little snacks are conveniently packaged and they're great for sharing with friends or just to keep them for yourself, not to mention they're really yummy too! I always buy a whole bunch of these mini snacks from the Petit series whenever I am in Japan, but they are surprisingly difficult to find online. So I was over the moon when I discovered a whole section on the top shelf in the snack aisle at Maruyu dedicated to Bourbon's Petit series snacks! I saw 7 or 8 different types of treats from the Petit series on the shelf, since I love them so much I didn't hesitate to grab a pack of every type available and threw them into my shopping basket!
Today I will review about 1 of my favourite types of treats from the series; mini potato chips!

Takoyaki puff snack

Posted by Linda on 04. 2012 0 comments
I saw this Takoyaki puff snack from Fritolay Japan in NapaJapan's catalog and didn't hesitate to order it as I love takoyaki:
I was pleasantly surprised by how big these takoyaki puff snacks were since I was expecting them to be a lot smaller in size than they really were. They also had a nice soft crunch to them and literally melty in my mouth. The seasonings were substantial too, the puffs were seasoned with a mixture of Takoyaki sauce seasoning and aonori (green seaweed) flakes, giving the puffs a substantial amount of flavor and aroma that I was able to smell as soon as I had opened the packet. The balance of the takoyaki puffs and the seasonings complemented each other really well.
Overall this was a tasty snack, very flavorsome and the puffs were soft in texture and melty in my mouth, the seasonings were as close as you could get to the actual taste of takoyaki, of course it will never be quite the same as an actual takoyaki.
However, I think Fritolay Japan's Corn Potage snack from their 'Gourmet Cheetos' range is still superior though.

My rating (overall):

'Copan' rusk snacks - Salad

Posted by Linda on 30. 2012 0 comments
I'm back with a new review for these delectable crunchy little rusk toast snacks called 'Copan' from Meiji! The last Copan review I posted was almost 5 months ago, so I thought I better post another one today before I "unconsciously" decide to neglect Copan altogether!

this is the salad flavor:

'Cheeza' cheese crackers - Cheddar

Posted by Linda on 24. 2012 0 comments
I really like these 'Cheeza' cheese cracker snacks from Glico, they are full of cheese flavor & great to munch on with any beverage or just by themselves.

this is the cheddar cheese flavor:

the crackers were thin and crispy and loaded with rich cheddar flavor, which is expected considering each cracker contains 52% cheddar!
Forget about those other commercial cracker snacks that claim to be "cheese" crackers, most of them only contain around 20% cheese or less and most of that cheese flavor comes from the seasoning. But with Glico's Cheeza cheese crackers, there is hardly any seasoning, instead they infuse REAL cheese content into the crackers themselves, hence each cracker is so rich in NATURAL cheese flavor. These cheddar Cheeza crackers are no different, crispy and crunchy thin crackers loaded with substantial amount of cheddar content and flavor, lip-smackingly addictive!

My rating (overall):

Although to me honest, I wish Glico would pack these Cheeza crackers in bigger packets with more quantity, because 42g is really not enough, at least for me!

Hot dog bun from Nice Bakery

Posted by Linda on 30. 2012 0 comments 0 trackback
So it's been a while since I last went over to my local chinese bakery Nice Bakery, so a few days ago, I decided to pop over there and grab some of their yummy buns for lunch. I picked up one of my usual favorites, the crab & cheese bun, and also this hot dog bun for AU$1.40, which seems to have only been added to their range a few months ago.

DSC03046.jpg DSC03049.jpg

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Gourmet Cheetos - Corn Potage snack

Posted by Linda on 15. 2012 0 comments 0 trackback
Sorry for not updating for a while, as you all know by now I am one very busy person

Anyway, today I'll be reviewing about this pack of yummy munchies manufactured by Fritolay Japan that I also ordered from
cheetos-cornpottage.jpg cheetos-cornpottage2.jpg
in case anyone here doesn't know, corn potage is basically a very creamy type of corn soup, with varying ingredients to suit the individual.
Part of Fritolay Japan's 'Gourmet' range of Fritolay's popular American cheese puff 'Cheetos' snacks, these decent sized crunchy puff sticks were loaded with strong flavors, seasoned to perfection with such accuracy in flavor in replicating this popular corn soup. Although cheese is the staple seasoning for 'Cheetos' snacks, the lovely flavor of corn from the corn potage seasonings was particularly dominant that the usual cheese flavor was either non-existent or too subtle for my taste buds to detect. Coupled with the soft crunchiness of the sticks, these irresistible lip-smacking munchies will have you wanting for more.
My only regret was only ordering 1 packet of these yummies, if I knew these were going to be this irresistibly tasty, I certainly would've wanted to order more!

My rating (overall):



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