Caramel Corn - Milk & Matcha Milk corn puffs

Posted by Linda on 16. 2015 0 comments
Hi everyone! Again it's been several months since I last updated this blog, I'm really sorry, I have to admit I haven't been in the mood to review food in recent months, which is why I have left this blog 'dormant' for so long. But since I still have photos saved on my computer of numerous different snacks and food that have yet to be reviewed, I decided it's about time I finally posted some new food reviews.
And since the last time I reviewed about Tohato's 'Caramel Corn' snacks was almost 2 years ago, I decided to review more Caramel Corn snacks today, and this time I will be reviewing both the Milk and Matcha Milk flavours

firstly I'll start with this Matcha Milk flavour:

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini Black cocoa & Kinako biscuits!

Posted by Linda on 02. 2013 0 comments
Since I had literally abandoned this blog (again) for more than a month, I decided to post 2 snack reviews today to make up for the lack of recent updates and yes, today I will be reviewing 2 more snacks from Bourbon's 'Petit' series, I just can't help it, I love these little yummy delights too much!

Today I will be reviewing the petit black cocoa cookies/biscuits and the kinako wafer biscuits from the series, firstly here's the mini black cocoa biscuits:

these cute little biscuits are basically cocoa biscuits with white vanilla cream in the center, they are like a miniature version of the famous 'Oreo' biscuits...but the flavours and textures are abit different. I think these mini cocoa biscuits have a slightly softer texture and are slightly less sweet compared to the standard Oreo biscuits, however the flavours were very good. And the high concentration of the cocoa content gave the biscuits a very nice rich black colour.
Overall, although these mini black cocoa biscuits are very basic, they were still yummy nonetheless, the texture of the biscuits was good; not too hard and not too soft with a nice soft crunch to them, and the balance of the sweetness was perfect; not too sweet. These biscuits have also become 1 of my favorite snack types in Bourbon's 'Petit' series!

My rating (overall):

now let's move onto the mini Kinako wafer biscuits...

Caramel Corn - Peach corn puffs

Posted by Linda on 29. 2013 0 comments
Another food review for these delectable 'Caramel Corn' puff snacks, this time I will be reviewing this Peach flavour, it was a actually a special edition released on Hinamatsuri, also known as 'Girl's Day' or 'Doll's day'; a festival that is celebrated annually in Japan on March 3rd. I can't remember which year specifically that this Hinamatsuri edition peach flavour was released, but I think it might've been earlier this year or last year at the earliest.

Caramel Corn - Vanilla Ice cream corn puffs

Posted by Linda on 08. 2013 0 comments
Alright, here's my second food review on another snack I bought at Maruyu, for today I decided to review another flavour of 'Caramel Corn'; these delectable corn puff snacks from Tohato, one of my personal favourite snack brands!

I was ecstatic when I discovered a whole section of Caramel Corn snacks on 1 side of the snack aisle at Maruyu, so I wasted no time and grabbed a few packs of Caramel Corn and threw them into my shopping basket! I wanted to buy the other flavours of CC that I didn't get, but I didn't want to spend too much money on CC since there were alot of other snacks I bought. So I plan to buy the other flavours the next time I go to Maruyu.

I bought 3 packs of CC that day, all different flavors, this is the Vanilla ice cream flavour:

Caramel Corn - Matcha & Black honey corn puffs

Posted by Linda on 24. 2012 0 comments
I found this matcha & black honey flavored 'Caramel Corn' at Tokyomart during my last shopping trip there, and since Caramel Corn is one of my favorite snacks, of course I was keen to grab a pack of this, also because this was 1 of the few flavors of CC that I had not tried before:

Tohato - Caramel Corn

Posted by Linda on 19. 2012 2 comments
Now returning to the world of Japanese junk food, today I will be reviewing about these popular corn puff snacks called 'Caramel Corn' from Tohato. These Caramel Corn snacks have been in existence for many decades and are among the most popular and renown Japanese snack brands, it is also Tohato's flagship product and most popular brand. Caramel Corn is also on my list of personal favorite snack brands

This is the original Caramel Corn flavor with some roasted peanuts included in the pack:

Country Ma'am chocochip cookies - Mix 3 flavors

Posted by Linda on 04. 2012 0 comments 0 trackback
'Country Ma'am' is the name for Fujiya's popular brand of chocochip cookies, I love these 'Country Ma'am' cookies they're so yummy and with so many exciting flavors to choose from and with more new flavors released each year. I'm not too fond of Fujiya and it's certainly not among my favorite Japanese manufacturers, but with that said, their delectable 'Country Ma'am' chocochip cookies are the ultimate excuse for me to keep coming back to this company!
The makers at Fujiya had adapted the American choc chip cookies and added their own little Japanese twist to it. Unlike typical American choc chip cookies which tends to have a consistent texture, these 'Country Ma'am' choco chip cookies have a more complex texture; soft and crumbly on the inside, harder and crunchier on the outside. So if you do plan on giving these Country Ma'am chocochip cookies a go, don't expect these cookies to have the same kind of texture and standards of a typical American choc chip cookie, because they are very different. These Country Ma'am cookies may share the same concept, but their way of execution and baking are different. The 1 mistake I see other foodies tend to make is judging these Country Ma'am cookies based on the standards & texture of the typical American choc chip cookie, that is a big NO in my books! Because these cookies are different to its American counterpart, I believe they should only be judged on the product itself and on their own aspects in terms of texture and flavor, and NOT compared to their American counterpart. Because after all, these are simply the Japanese style of choc chip cookies.

Anyway, today I'm going to review about this box of mix 3 different flavors of Country Ma'am cookies; classic Vanilla, Cocoa and Gianduja, which is a smooth chocolate paste that contains at least 30% hazelnut, while old tradition recipes of Gianduja contains about 50% hazelnuts.

Lotte 'Pie no Mi' cookies - Strawberry cheesecake

Posted by Linda on 18. 2012 1 comments 0 trackback
I hadn't ordered from in almost 2 years, so back in January I decided to place another order with them and I received the package sometime last month.

This is one of the yummy goodies I ordered from them, I really like these 'Pie no Mi' snacks from Lotte, these decent bite-sized yummy hexagonal-shaped puff pastry cookies with various cream fillings. This is the Strawberry cheesecake flavor:
pienomi-strawcheesecake.jpg pienomi-strawcheesecake2.jpg
I knew even before I ordered these that I was overall going to be satisfied with these regardless because 'Pie no Mi' is one of the few snack brands from Lotte that has me wanting more of, but, I try not to be too bias in my reviews

Copan rusk snack - Cacao

Posted by Linda on 25. 2012 0 comments 0 trackback
After the huge success of the 'Copan' maple sugar rusk, Meiji has released yet another sweet rusk flavor, this time, capitalizing on the full flavor and benefits of cocoa aka 'cacao':
copan-cocoa.jpg copan-cocoa2.jpg
the smell of sweet cocoa immediately filled my senses as I opened the packet, and the rusks were particularly dark in colour, these factors were an indication that a great amount of cocoa powder was used and that was further proven by the taste. The makers at Meiji infused so much cocoa powder into each piece of crunchy & crispy rusk, the sweetness of cacao was so strong and concentrated, the experience was like you are eating crunchy chocolate, when it's not actually chocolate. They really utilized the taste as well as the health benefits of cacao powder to its fullest potential with these cacao rusks.
And of course these were much sweeter than the maple sugar rusks, due to the much higher concentration of sweetness from the significant amount of cacao powder used.

These sweet cacao rusks has become my new personal favorite among all Copan flavor rusk snackseven though Copan snacks are typically savory...there's really nothing I can fault with these to be honest, Copan never disappoints me!

My rating (overall):

Collon - Strawberry cookies

Posted by Linda on 02. 2011 1 comments 0 trackback
Glico is perhaps my favorite Japanese confectionery manufacturer! They produce many of my favorite Japanese snack brands such as the famous 'Pocky' and 'Pretz' biscuit stick snacks, as well as the 'Cratz' and 'Ta Pasta' savory snacks, I've also tried and loved many more of their other products. They are also one of Japan's largest and most famous confectionery companies alongside Meiji and Lotte.

Another one of Glico's popular snack brands is 'Collon', these yummy soft cylindrical shaped cookies with cream or chocolate fillings. Collon is also one of my favorite snack brands, I've loved them for years! They come in several different new flavors each year.
This is the strawberry Collon:
collon-strawberry.jpg collon-strawberry2.jpg



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