Vanilla cake & other cheap pastries from Nice Bakery

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Ok, before I get into today's food reviews, I do realize that the last time I updated this blog was more than 3 months ago, I suppose you all can say I 'abandoned' this blog for a long period of time YET AGAIN It seems I've been doing that alot since November last year, I'm really sorry, I might as well just come out and say that I've lost interest in reviewing food...I admit that I'll be lying if I said that it wasn't at least partially true. I HAVE lost a bit of interest in reviewing and critiquing food and snacks, but not because I don't like it anymore, it's because my life has become increasingly busy that I've gradually lost more and more time to review & critique foods. However since I haven't completely lost interest, I will still try to keep this blog alive...somewhat, but please keep in mind that I just won't be able to update it frequently.

Anyway, since it's been more than 3 months since my last review, I decided to post 3 reviews today to make up for the lack of updates, so I hope you guys will be satisfied with that
As you can read from the title of this post, today I won't be reviewing any Japanese snacks, I do apologize if any of you were expecting me to post another review for a Japanese snack, I promise I'll do that next time, but today I will be reviewing some cheap sweets & pastries I bought at my local Chinese bakery Nice Bakery a few days ago.
So firstly I will review this Vanilla cake, it only cost AU$1.20 each, which is a fairly good price for a slice of cake:

Strawberry cake from The Cake Stall

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I bought this 500g strawberry cake from my local ALDI discount supermarket for only $5, which was a huge bargain for a cake of this size. Ever since the new ALDI supermarket was opened in my suburb some months ago, I've been buying most of my groceries mainly from there, I'm glad I switched to ALDI, they certainly live up to their reputation as a worldwide discount supermarket chain, everything is so much cheaper at ALDI compared to all the other supermarket outlets in Australia! Although there's still certain products ALDI don't sell or only have inferior quality of, so I still occasionally buy these products from my local Woolworths supermarket or Big W discount department store.

Anyway, these strawberry cakes from The Cake Stall are surprisingly quite difficult to buy because apparently they sell out very quickly, usually you have to be at the ALDI store during the morning to get your hands on one of these cakes, because they tend to sell out by noon, or sometimes even earlier than that. And I have never seen any of The Cake Stall's products at other supermarkets, which leads me to believe that it is probably another brand exclusive only to ADLI.
Curious about its apparent popularity, I decided to try this strawberry cake and find out for myself what all the fuss was about, and it looked appetising enough anyway:

Woolworths Caramel mud cake

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Here's another cake bought from the Woolworths supermarket, I was feeling a little down the other day so my mum bought this caramel mud cake from the supermarket to cheer me up during her last grocery trip.

I had the cake chilled in the fridge for a couple of hours prior so the icing & the texture of the cake had harden when I took it out, and as you can see in the first photo above, the icing was a little wet on the surface while it was thawing though, but I didn't care much about that.
The caramel icing/frosting was thick and enriched with sweet caramel, and there was more sweet caramel flavor infused into the cake itself. The cake wasn't particularly moist, but at least the texture was not as dry as the chocolate block cake that I had bought for my mum's birthday last month which was also made by the same supermarket. So at least this was an improvement in the execution of their cakes. However, the star of the show for me is once again the icing, which is like a double-edge sword in cake reviews, like I mentioned before, when it comes to cakes, the cake itself should be the star of the show, not the icing. I mean, you wouldn't buy a cake just for the icing, and when you have a smashingly great cake, often there's no need for the icing. So of course the cake should be the star of the show that carries the cake through. Although I will admit that the texture of this cake was without a doubt better than the chocolate block cake at least, however, the texture still wasn't quite as moist as I would've wanted it to be, but the taste was good though. However like I emphasized before, the caramel icing was undoubtfully the star that completely outshined the cake itself, the icing was just so thick and rich and sweet with beautiful caramel flavor.
Overall this caramel mud cake was good, but not great, the texture of the cake was softer and more moist than the chocolate block cake, but the bakers at Woolworths supermarket still could've improved on it, the caramel icing was really the main star of this cake for me.
I think my mum liked this cake just a bit more than I did.

My rating (overall):

Woolworths Chocolate block cake

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It was my mother's 51st birthday last Thursday, but no party was organized since my mum is the kind of person who likes things very simple and don't like others making a fuss over her b'day. So this year, it was strictly a very private celebration with just mum and I, the 2 of us. As for the b'day cake, well, to be honest, my mum doesn't particularly like eating cake, so she never buys any of those fancy cakes which are specially for birthdays, so she always settles for the very simple and cheap cakes you can buy at the supermarkets to substitute. So this year, we bought a chocolate block cake from Woolworths (one of the 2 largest supermarket chains in Australia) that was baked by the supermarket's own bakery for just AU$5, very cheap.
My mum actually wanted a chocolate mud cake from Worthworths, the same cake that my mum and I occasionally bought and she really liked, but on the day were went shopping for the cake, which was on the same day as her b'day, all the choc mud cake were sold out. And since there's so very limited selection of cakes available at Woolthworths, we settled for the closest cake to the mud cake available at the time, so we ended up with this choc block cake, which is basically the same to the mud cake, only a few minor differences in shape and the way the cake was frosted.

DSC03058.jpg DSC03060.jpg

Sara Lee - Mini original baked Cheesecake

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Food and snacks from Japan may be one of my ultimate food loves (the other being desserts & sweets)...but there's no doubt that there are still plenty of great non-Japanese sweets & snacks out there which I have a soft spot for too. Some of my favourite non-Japanese sweets and snacks are the famous chocolate biscuit brand 'Tim Tam' by the Australian food company Arnott's, and the 'Cherry Ripe' chocolate bars from Cadbury. And most recently added to my favourite list of non-Japanese sweets & snacks are these fairly new release range of mini frozen baked cheesecake treats from Sara Lee! I bought this box of the mini original baked cheesecake while I went grocery shopping yesterday at Woolworths, these cost $3.15 per box:
saralee-cheesecakemini.jpg saralee-cheesecakemini2.jpg

Coffee Swiss Roll cake from Nice Bakery

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There was a problem with my computer so I had it fixed at a local repair shop I dropped it off at the repair shop, I decided to pop into Nice Bakery for a snack, since it's located right next to the repair shop. I was debating on whether to buy my usual favorite the crab & cheese bun, or a slice of cake...I have to be frank though, I don't particular like their individual cakes...despite their tasty buns & celebration cakes... I've also tried a few of their different smaller individual cakes before and I thought they all tasted a bit "bland", also I've tasted their individual Chocolate, Taro & Green tea cakes, and all of them somehow tasted rather similar to me. But yesterday I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and decided to try a different cake this time, a slice of their Coffee swiss roll cake. Even though I love coffee cake, and have tasted a lot of really good coffee cakes from numerous different bakeries...I didn't have high expectations on Nice Bakery's coffee cake...considering all my previous rather disappointing experiences with their individual cakes:

Happy Birthday to me! ^_^

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Yesterday was my birthday! HAPPY B'DAY TO ME!!There was a small "party" (if you could call it that) held last night at my previous years, usually I would invite a lot of people & we would go to a restaurant for dinner & then go back to my place for the cake. But this year I wasn't feeling particularly in the mood for a big celebration, so we only had a small gathering of friends & relatives over for dinner.

Sorry I didn't take much photos from last night because I wasn't in the mood to take photos, however, I did take a few photos of the birthday cake, so I can blog about it with a short & brief review.

So this was my b'day cake, it's a Taro cake:
bcake1.jpg bcake2.jpg



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