2 Japanese shopping havens: Maruyu & Conveni8!

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My goodness! I realised I had literally ABANDONED this blog for 7 months! Well, truth be told it was my intention initially, around December last year, I became increasingly busy in my life so having the time to update this blog gradually decreased to the point that I hardly had any other free time to do so, especially considering I have 2 other blogs; which I began to dedicate more of my time to. At one point I did contemplate on deleting this blog altogether, but then I decided not to, leaving room for the prospect of 'reviving' this blog sometime in the future, and I decided to do just that today!

But please take note that this will not be a food review, but rather a review on 2 Japanese supermarkets I recently visited in Sydney; Australia.
Australia is literally saturated with Asian supermarkets & groceries due to the overwhelming amount of the Asian population in the country, with about 93% of these Asian supermarkets being Chinese, while the remaining 7% being Korean, Japanese or south east Asian. But there's so very few Asian supermarkets that are authentically Japanese in Australia, so it's much more difficult to find authentic Japanese products in this country. Although some of the other Asian groceries do sell some Japanese products, but their range are very limited.
In the past, whenever I wanted to buy authentic Japanese products and food, I would either shop at Tokyomart located in Northbridge; which is the largest authentic Japanese supermarket in Australia, or I order online. But just earlier this week, I learned about 2 other Japanese supermarkets in Sydney CBD called Maruyu and Conveni8 which are located on Clarence St & Pitt St respectively. This also means that these 2 grocery stores are more easily accessible to me than Tokyomart, and I have read several rave reviews about both stores, so immediately I was intrigued by them. Both stores have been operating for some years now and I was amazed by my own ignorance of their existence, as I have been living in Sydney for many years now and never heard about them until early this week!
Since they are both located ridiculously close to Town Hall train station hence easily accessible, I couldn't wait to go visit them so I immediately planned a shopping trip to these 2 stores on the next available day on my busy schedule, which was on Thursday as I had a day off from work that day.

So this will be my recollection of that day visiting the 2 stores and my reviews on both stores, but please take note that this entry is quite long and extensive, so please bear with me, however it's quite a good read I think

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Tokyomart Northbridge

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I paid my first visit to Tokyomart in Northbridge 2 weeks ago, I've planned this trip for months ever since I learned about this incredible Japanese grocery, only one of the very few Japanese groceries in existence in Australia.

Since a young age, I've always been passionate with almost everything Japanese! From Japanese culture, to their food, their fashion, and their pop cultureBut I guess having some relatives who are half Japanese & some who are currently living in Japan, impacted me greatly with Japanese things since childhood.

Anyway, as I was on my way to Tokyomart, I couldn't contain my excitement as it was my first trip to a authentic Japanese grocery...on my mind, one of my big intentions of visiting this place was my eagerness to try all those interesting & unusual Japanese kit kats! I'm a huge fan of kit kats and have always wanted to try those wacky ones from Japan!
However, as I searched around the store, I was quite disappointed to find no kit kats in the store...not even ONE little packet of kit kat!I was aware beforehand that it is terribly hard to find Japanese kit kats outside Japan...however I had assumed, well, more like 'hoped' that they would still be available in a authentic Japanese grocery like Tokyomart...I guess I was wrong. However not all was lost, I still wandered around the store for about an hour, relishing my experience in a Japanese store, surrounded by authentic Japanese food & groceries, of course, throwing packets of Japanese confectionery into my basket along the way!

Tokyomart is a haven for authentic Japanese grocery & cookware, the workers at the counters & much of its customers are Japanese. Often you will see elders carrying their grocery baskets as they chat friendly with each other in Japanese in the store. Once you step inside the store, it just feels like you've transported yourself to Japan, the experience is amazing!

There's only 2 complaints I have about Tokyomart...1 is the fact that they don't sell Japanese kit kats! And secondly, it's situated in the North Sydney area, very far away from where I live & the travel fare is quite costly...it cost me about $13 for the total travel fare itself (including the train & bus tickets), and it took nearly 2 hours just to get to Northbridge! And then it took me another half an hour just to find Northbridge plaza where Tokyomart is located in. This is probably just a personal problem, but the trip to Tokyomart for me personally, is quite troublesome since there's so many routes I have to take in order to get there from the suburb I live...not to mention costly!
But I'm still very willing to make the trip again...just not on a frequent basis...I wish they'd open another Tokyomart that's in someplace closer, like the CBD or near chinatown somewhere as it's much easier for me to get to those places. I heard they have a Tokyomart in Chatswood too, but it's quite far away as well.


Here's the details of Tokyomart located in Northbridge:

Tokyo Mart (Northbridge):
27 Northbridge Plaza, Northbridge NSW 2063
Ph: (02) 9958 6860‎
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