Royal Family - Peanut and Taro mochi

Posted by Linda on 03. 2013 0 comments
Since I had been too busy and only posted 1 food review last month, I decided to post 2 food reviews today to make up for the lack of recent updates.

Today I will be reviewing some pre-made packed Japanese Mochis I bought from Maruyu supermarket about 3 weeks ago, however they were not made in Japan, they were actually manufactured by a Taiwanese company called Royal Family. I have bought pre-made mochis from this company before and had even reviewed about their matcha mochi back in 2010. In my opinion, they make some of the best packed Japanese mochis and since I am familiar with this company, I did not hesitate to buy 2 packets of their peanut and taro mochis at Maruyu.

I will start with the Taro mochis:

Kido - Blueberry & Custard cream daifuku

Posted by Linda on 04. 2013 2 comments
Last time I did promise to review some of the Japanese snacks I had bought at Maruyu last week, so true to my word, here is my first food review in 7 months! for today's food review I chose this pack of blueberry & custard cream Daifuku (japanese rice cake) manufactured by Kido:

I love Japanese-style sweets & Wagashi such as Daifuku and Dango (japanese sweet dumplings on skewers), and Maruyu sells a range of different flavours of daifuku from Kido. But on the day I went to Maruyu, this blueberry & custard cream double pack was the only type on sale that day because it was nearing its 'best before' date. And since I had never tried any product from this particular manufacturer before, I decided to play safe and bought this cheaper pack.

Since there's 2 different flavours in this pack of daifuku, I will review both flavours separately.

Kyoto candy

Posted by Linda on 24. 2012 0 comments
Ever since my last trip to Japan when I visited the ancient city of Kyoto some years ago, and tried some of Kyoto's regional specialties, including these pretty little multicolored Kyoto candies/lollies, I've been quite fascinated by them. You can buy them mainly in Kyoto, there's very little places in other parts of Japan that sell them, let alone outside Japan. But I was a little surprised when I saw these little packets of Kyoto candies selling at, and I wasn't hesitant to order a packet from them

the beauty with these little Kyoto candies is not really their taste, but their appearance, just by looking at them you can see that they are sophisticated and difficult to make, mainly due to all the different patterns and pictures embedded in the center of these candies. I was fortunate to have been able to witness with my very own eyes the making process of these candies, and I have to say, there's really no other reaction you can have but to stare at these dedicated candy makers at work in awe. These candies are made into long candy sticks and then cut into little pieces, but it takes a lot of effort to make just one candy stick, and they are made by carefully molding one layer at a time into shape and it's time-consuming. Another reason why it takes so long to make these little candies is that these are all carefully handmade, unlike many commercial confectioneries in the world these days which are machine-made. Then again, these Kyoto candies are not commercial candies, these are specialty candies, even in Japan these candies are mostly given as gifts, even though they are still reasonably cheap in terms of cost.

Marukyo Dorayaki (6 pcs)

Posted by Linda on 06. 2012 0 comments 0 trackback
Ok, now that I've cleared all the Pocky collaborative releases with Mart out of the way, let's move on to a different brand snack.

During my latest shopping errand at my local asian grocery yesterday, I picked up this pack of dorayaki made by Marukyo, the same company that produced the Shirakiku Marukyo Funwariyaki I reviewed about back in February.
Unlike the Funwariyaki, these are truly Dorayaki, I made sure I read the label!

Taiyaki from 'Kura' Japanese restaurant

Posted by Linda on 31. 2012 4 comments 0 trackback
I went shopping with some friends last Saturday at Chinatown and around the Sydney CBD area and decided to drop by at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants in the area; Kura restaurant for takeaway. I ordered one of my usuals the Sushi deluxe (you can read about my review about Kura's sushi deluxe here) and a serve of Taiyaki with matcha ice cream for dessert.
Taiyaki is a popular Japanese-style fish-shaped cake made from either pancake batter or waffle batter and traditionally has azuki (red bean) paste filling...although nowadays, there's more modern variety of fillings available, such as custard fillings and chocolate, but you will usually still find Taiyaki with azuki paste fillings.

So these were the Taiyaki I got from Kura restaurant for around AU$6 for 3 small Taiyaki and a small container of matcha ice cream, I had ordered the dessert for takeaway:
taiyaki.jpg taiyaki2.jpg
I was a little disappointed that some parts of the batter skin was burnt, obviously the chef had slightly over-baked the Taiyaki, it's not exactly culinary pleasantness when you see dark burnt patches on your food, except maybe if it's for a BBQ, but not when you're baking Japanese sweets like Taiyaki. It brought out that unpleasant burnt taste, but luckily it was only very mild. The batter was rather plain and tasteless and there was not enough azuki paste filling for my liking, the flavor of the azuki paste was surprisingly rather bland as well, meaning the flavor was very subtle.

Overall, these Taiyaki were disappointing, I have tried plenty of Taiyaki from other restaurants and vendors over the years which were baked MUCH better with just the right amount and balance of batter and filling, and were baked for just the right amount of time and with stronger flavors.
I've always enjoyed dining at Kura restaurant and their food are mostly delicious at reasonable prices and the service is always good. However, their Taiyaki is just one of the few disappointments I fault them on. This was the first time I've ever ordered Taiyaki from Kura restaurant, and frankly, I wouldn't want to waste my money on them anymore. But Kura does serve plenty of other food which are really delicious that showcases the talent of its chefs.

If you want to know the address of Kura restaurant located in Haymarket Sydney, please refer to this entry.

My rating (overall):

Shirakiku Marukyo Funwariyaki - Japanese Azuki bean cake

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I went to my local asian grocery early this morning to buy some groceries and came across this pack of Shirakiku Marukyo Funwariyaki in the snack aisle. Initially I thought these were Dorayaki; a popular Japanese-style cake that consists of 2 small soft cake patties resembling pancakes with various kinds of fillings (usually azuki bean paste) sandwiched between.
These cakes look exactly like Dorayaki, however it states on the package as 'Funwariyaki' This is the first time I have ever heard of 'Funwariyaki' and I have not been able to find any info about it online, so I am not sure whether Funwariyaki is a identical spin-off of Dorayaki, or 'Funwariyaki' is just a novelty name the manufacturer came up with for this product.

Anyway, so this is the original flavor Funwariyaki, there were 5 individually wrapped cakes in each pack:
marukyo-funwariyaki1.jpg marukyo-funwariyaki2.jpg

Green Tea mochi 2

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Bought these yesterday during my frequent grocery trip to Tong Li, Japanese matcha (green tea) mochi (again), but this time it's made by a different company, this one is from Bamboo House, another Taiwanese company that specializes in Japanese Mochi.
greenteamochi.jpg greenteamochi2.jpg greenteamochi3.jpg
firstly, I love the beautiful print on the box! The glutinous rice molds of each piece of mochi was very soft and chewy like it should be with a nice pastel green color while the filling was matcha paste.
Overall these were really nice & fresh...although I would've liked these a bit better if they had a bit more matcha flavor in them. I still prefer the matcha mochi from Royal Family...but these were still good though.

My rating (overall):

Peanut mochi 2

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My second review on peanut mochi! I love Mochi, or any kinds of case any of you don't know, Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets normally eaten with tea, they are a staple during Japanese tea ceremonies.
Sorry, I forgot the name of the manufacturer, but I assume it's from another Taiwanese company:
the filling was peanut paste:
I loved these, the glutinous rice molds of each piece were lovely, soft & chewy, as they should be. The peanut paste filling and dusted peanut powder surrounding each piece really brought out a pleasant peanut flavor, not too strong, but not subtle either.
These were much better than the single serve peanut mochi from Nice Bakery I had back in August.

My rating (overall):

Peanut mochi

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My mum bought this for me yesterday at our local Chinese bakery Nice Bakery, this is a peanut mochi, it was quite big:
peanut-mochi.jpg peanut-mochi2.jpg
because she bought me a mango mochi (which btw, was cho oishii so!) from the same bakery the other day that looked exactly the same from outer appearance, I had assumed that it was another mango mochi...until I took my first bite & instantly felt the crunch & tasted the flavor of chopped beautifully roasted peanuts (and quite a large amount of it too). The filling also contained quite a large amount of white sugar to balance out the savory taste of the peanuts. The glutinous rice mold of the mochi was soft & chewy and beautifully sweet, yet not too overpowering. And I love the addition of the shredded coconut sprinkled around the mochi.
Overall it was quite only complaint about it is that I did not like the addition of the sugar in the filling, I felt it was unnecessary. It made the mochi taste even more sweet than it needed to be.

My rating (overall):

Mango mochi

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My mom bought this at my local Chinese grocery the other's Mango flavored mochi, I forgot what brand it is from...
Picture-015.jpg Picture-016.jpg
the filling inside is mango jelly:
the jelly was thick with beautiful bright orange/yellow color, but I thought it was a bit overly sweet & the manga flavor was a bit too subtle. But overall, it was decent.

My rating (overall):



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