Kit Kat - Yubari Melon

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I was quickly scanning through my blog yesterday and noticed that the last time I had ever posted a review about Kit Kats was back in August of last year! So I thought it's about time I post another review about these irresistibly delectable chocolate treats! and considering I had created a separate category specifically for Kit Kats, it's quite obvious that KKs are one of my favourite snack brands! and yes, this will again be another KK release from Japan

Japanese Yubari melons have long been a popular delicacy in Japan, they're basically Rockmelons (or known as Cantaloupe in the US), but Yubari melons are a very high-end type and far superior in quality and taste to a typical rockmelon, hence they are very expensive. In Japan, because of their superior quality in product & expensive price tags, Yubari melons are often given as expensive souvenirs. Just one Yubari melon typically costs around JP¥6,000 to JP¥15,000; this is the equivalent of around US$77 to US$192 each! Sometimes a Yubari melon can fetch to even higher prices, in 2008, 2 Yubari melons fetched up to JP¥2.5 million together at a auction in Japan!
I did some research and learnt that these Yubari melons are named after its cultivator Yubari King located in a town called 'Yubari' in the northern japanese island of Hokkaido.

I personally had the privilege of tasting one of these little expensive beauties during my last trip to Japan and I have to say, I was amazed by its quality would be an understatement! I was completely blown away! The melon was so perfectly round in shape, the flesh was rich in bright orange color, and so juicy, sweet and succulent! It was an amazing experience I will never forget in my life! So I was shocked when my friend in Japan sent me this Yubari melon flavoured Kit Kat she had bought in Japan! It was a special edition regional flavour from Hokkaido and was only available on the market for a very limited time:

Kit Kat - Sakura Maccha (matcha) latte

Posted by Linda on 11. 2012 0 comments
here's another pack of japanese Kit Kat goodie I ordered from NapaJapan a while ago; in Sakura maccha (aka matcha) latte flavor!

each box contained 6 mini KK bars, they were only about half the size of a regular-sized KK bar.
I like the pastel green color of the maccha/matcha flavored white chocolate coating surrounding the crispy wafers. There was a decent amount of maccha flavor infused into the white chocolate coating, and because sakura has a very weak flavor to the point of being almost tasteless, as I expected, the flavor of sakura was nonexistent in the chocolate coating, at least I wasn't able to taste any. But does the overall flavor of the choc coating taste like sakura maccha latte? I honestly wouldn't know because I've never tasted maccha latte before, let alone one that has sakura added in, but I imagine it would probably taste basically like milk & maccha (with sakura flavor being virtually nonexistent). And basically with this KK you have the maccha flavor from the maccha powder infused into the choc, and I suppose the milk component would come from the white chocolate coating itself (as white choc is made with milk solids). So in this sense, I guess the overall flavor does resemble maccha latte to some extent.
Overall this was a nice flavor KK, but certainly not one of the best I've tried nor is it one of my fave KK flavors. I really liked the choc coating though, it was substantially thick and rich with a decent amount of maccha flavor, and the crispy wafers never disappoint. But being someone who loves anything made with maccha, I would've preferred more maccha infused into the white choc coating, because the amount of maccha flavor was still a bit too weak for my preference.

My rating (overall):

Kit Kat - Edamame Zunda

Posted by Linda on 21. 2012 0 comments
I ordered this Japanese Kit Kat in 'Edamame Zunda' flavor from NapaJapan, before I get into the review, here's a little info about Edamame Zunda.
Zunda is a type of Wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets often served with tea) and is basically a sort of Mochi, edamame Zunda is mochi covered in a sweetened paste made from edamame (immature soybeans in pod), hence it has that beautiful light green colour.
Edamame Zunda can often be called as simply 'Zunda mochi', the Zunda has its origins stemmed from Sendai prefecture (the worst affected area of the march 2011 Tohoku earthquake & tsunami disaster).

I have to point out though, I have never tasted edamame Zunda before, so I went into this tasting virtually completely oblivious about the actual taste of edamame Zunda. But at least I knew what edamame Zunda is made of, mochi typically has a very mild and lite flavor with a very weak hint of sweetness, and considering the edamame paste is basically made of sweetened immature soybeans while they're still in their pods, it has to have some degree of soybeans flavor, right? At least, that's what I thought. However I knew that the overall flavor would probably be mostly sweet with at least a hint of soybeans taste, so I took this as a reference into this tasting:

Kit Kat - Matcha (renewed) & Strawberry tarte

Posted by Linda on 10. 2012 0 comments 0 trackback
It has been a while since I last blogged about Kit Kats, so today I will review 2 more Japanese KKs, both fairly recent releases; the renewed version of the popular Matcha flavor, and the new Strawberry Tarte flavor, both released in late 2011.

Firstly the renewed Matcha flavor:

the thick sweet green matcha chocolate coating the classic crispy wafers, the matcha flavor infused into the white choc coating was so strong and enriching, the sweetness of the white chocolate and the bitterness from the matcha powder used were beautifully balanced in flavor, the amount of matcha powder also gave the choc coating its brilliant green color naturally. There were also layers of more green matcha flavored choc between the wafers, further enhancing the overall richness of the matcha flavor in each bar.
Overall, I can safety say that this is no doubt the best version of this classic favorite flavor of KK from Nestle Japan. It well exceeds its previous matcha versions, which I thought had weaker levels of matcha flavor. I will certainly be getting more of these!

My rating (overall):

now moving onto this new flavor of strawberry tarte...

Kit Kat x MOS Burger - White chocolate

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It's been a long while since I last blogged about a Kit Kat snack, so I thought today I should review one.

This new KK flavor I'm going to blog about today is a special release, nothing special about the KK flavor itself, but rather the marketing of the product. Nestle Japan recently collaborated with MOS Burger to create this special white chocolate KK flavor.

Now, before I get into this KK itself, here's just some background info on MOS Burger, in case some readers have never heard of it. MOS Burger is a Japanese fast food chain that was first established in 1972, the 'MOS' in its name stands for "Mountain Ocean Sun".
MOS Burger is famous and currently also has stores in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and just recently a MOS Burger store opened in Brisbane; Australia in April 2011! There used to be one in Hawaii but it closed own in 2005. It seems a store has also recently been opened in S.Korea in late 2011.
According to wikipedia, there were 1327 MOS Burger stores in total in 2005, but the number of stores has increased since then. MOS Burger is currently the second largest fast food franchise in Japan, after McDonald's.
I personally have been to several MOS Burger stores during my trips to Japan, I always love the food and service there, seriously, their burgers are so much better than those from the American chains like McDonald's & KFC. I personally think the food in MOS Burger are tastier, and they come up with some really unusual but interesting burgers, and what's even better about them is that the burgers at MOS Burger tend to be slightly healthier than their American counterparts, because they have more healthier options in their range. I especially love their range of rice burgers
I hope a MOS Burger store will open here in Sydney in the future, now that they have opened one in would be so cool if they open at least one store in every major city in Australia!*fingers crossed*

Anyway now that you know a bit about MOS Burger, now moving on to this KK itself:
MOSwhiteKK.jpg MOSwhiteKK2.jpg

Kit Kat - Caramel & Strawberry cake

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I will review about 2 Japanese Kit Kat flavors today.

Firstly, the Caramel flavor, which was actually a special flavor released by Nestle Japan for Halloween last year...yes, they still produced this particular one for Halloween this year, even though the company developed a new Pumpkin Cheesecake flavor for this year's festivity (sadly I didn't get that one):
kitkat-caramel.jpg kitkat-caramel2.jpg
thick rich milk chocolate coating with sweet caramel chocolate cream sandwiched between the classic wafers. The caramel choc cream contained the right amount of sweetness but the caramel flavor itself was a bit too subtle for me, while the milk chocolate coating was almost over-powering. I would've liked more of the caramel sweetness infused into the choc cream filling. After all, the star flavor of this should be the caramel flavor, not the milk choc coating.

My rating (overall):

Now moving onto the Strawberry cake...

Kit Kat - Cafe Latte

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It's Kit Kat time again! Today I'll be reviewing about this popular Cafe Latte flavor, and yes, it's another KK flavor from Japan
kitkat-cafelatte.jpg kitkat-cafelatte2.jpg
I ordered 2 mini bars of this @ NapaJapan for US$2.49...sweet and creamy coffee flavored beige chocolate coating the crispy classic wafers, with more coffee cream between the wafers. The darker cream filling was infused with a much stronger & richer flavor and aroma of coffee, complementing the much milder choc coating. Together, the flavors blended so well and so accurately, as I savorrf this KK bar, it does feel very much like I was drinking a cup of freshly brewed latte, only it's in choc candy form

I will definitely be getting more of this in the future!

My rating (overall):

Kit Kat - Petit Cheese

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Having came across quite an amount of unusual and wacky flavors of confectionery and sweets from Japan, I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised when I saw this box of CHEESE flavored Kit Kats at NapaJapan, and yes, these are from Japan also!

these petit cheese flavored KKs are available in 2 size party boxes; a pack of 6, and pack of 10, I bought the pack that contained 10 petit bars:
kitkat-petitcheese1.jpg kitkat-petitcheese2.jpg

Kit Kat - Annin dofu

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Here's another special flavor Japanese Kit Kat I bought from NapaJapan, this is 'Annin dofu' flavor from the city of Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture:
kitkat-annindofu.jpg kitkat-annindofu2.jpg

Kit Kat - Purple sweet potato

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Sorry that I haven't been updating this blog for almost a month, I've been very busy and went on a bit of a hiatus. I suppose I should have posted a notice to you guys before I left, ne? Once again, sorry for not letting you guys know that I had to take some time away from updating.
Anyway, I'm back now so hopefully I can update more regularly from now on.
And what better way to revive this blog than going back to one of my all-time favorite sweets; Kit Kat!And yes, it's another review on a Japanese KK flavor (most of my KK reviews are of Japanese KK anyway).

Roasted purple sweet potato is a popular light snack in Japan, and any purple sweet potato confectionery is always a sure hit, and it certainly is the case with this purple sweet potato KK!
kitkat-sweetpotato.jpg kitkat-sweetpotato2.jpg kitkat-sweetpotato3.jpg



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