ALDI supermarket - 'Dairy Fine' assorted chocolates!

Posted by Linda on 05. 2015 0 comments
Hi again everyone, I'm back with more new snack reviews! Today I will review 2 more great snack products from ALDI discount supermarket

I picked up these 100g packs of Dairy Fine milk chocolate block varieties at my local ALDI supermarket yesterday, 'Dairy Fine' is another private brand of ALDI's, it's the brand they use to market some of their chocolate snacks varieties. As labeled on the packaging, these Dairy Fine chocolate blocks only cost $1 each! That's insanely cheap! I couldn't resist to buy a packet of every flavour variety on the shelf! There's quite a good selection of these chocolates available, I think I bought about 7 different varieties in total, but I'll only be reviewing 2 flavour varieties today, and I'll review the others next time. These are the strawberry and peppermint flavours with milk chocolate:

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini Strawberry chocolate biscuits

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Well technically Xmas has already passed, so I suppose it's a 'belated' Xmas greeting from me!

Ok, so it seems like I have reverted back to my old habit of only updating this blog once every several months since my last update was 5 months ago I'm so sorry everyone, and I won't even begin to explain myself again about why I had abandoned this blog for so long AGAIN, I'm sure you all are tired of my excuses by now, so I won't waste anymore time and let's just get right into my food reviews for today shall we?

A few days ago just before Xmas eve, I went shopping at Maruyu Japanese grocery again with some friends in the city, I was in the mood for some strawberry-flavoured snacks at the time so I bought these 2 different packets of strawberry biscuits (cookies) from Bourbon's popular 'Petit' brand of snacks. And if you have been a long-time follower of this blog, then I'm sure you will remember I had mentioned before in the past that I have become a huge fan of Bourbon's 'Petit' series of yummy snacks so I couldn't resist to grab some more of these yummy goodies while I was at Maruyu. One of the 'Petit' strawberry snacks I bought was a packet of mini strawberry chocolate biscuits, and the other is a packet of mini strawberry chocolate chip cookies
I will start my reviews with this pack of mini strawberry biscuits with strawberry chocolate filling:

Lotte 'Pie no Mi' chocolate & Furuta 'Creamy & Crispy Pie' pastry cookies

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My last update was a little over 3 weeks ago, since I was only updating once every few months for the past 8 months, I think this would be considered an improvement, and as I promised last time, I will be returning to the glorious world of Japanese junk food! I'll also be reviewing 2 snacks today, I figured in order to save space for the blog, it would be better to post 2 reviews at a time from now on, it would also compensate for the slower updates
So today I will be reviewing 2 snacks I bought from Maruyu Japanese supermarket last week.

The first snack I will be reviewing about is this pack of 'Pie no Mi' snack manufactured by Lotte, 'Pie no Mi' is a popular snack brand of puff pastry biscuits/cookies with various chocolate fillings inside, I love them they're really delectable this is actually my second review on 'Pie no Mi' snacks, my first review for the brand was for the strawberry cheesecake flavour back in March of 2012, this is the original milk chocolate flavour:

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini White & Matcha chocolate biscuits

Posted by Linda on 01. 2013 0 comments
Since I have been so slow with updates lately I decided to post 2 snack reviews today again to make up for the lack of recent updates
Today I will be reviewing 2 more snacks from Bourbon's popular 'Petit' series; mini white chocolate and matcha chocolate biscuits/cookies, they're virtually the same as the mini milk chocolate biscuits I reviewed last time, only with different types of choc fillings.

I will review the mini white chocolate biscuits first:

like I mentioned before, these white choc biscuits are virtually the same as the milk choc ones, these biscuits also have the same lovely soft and melty texture as the milk choc ones...and just like the milk choc biscuits, the white choc filling in these biscuits were also rather basic and nothing special in comparison to the soft biscuits.
However overall, these white choc biscuits were still really yummy, the soft and melty biscuits were still the star of the show, and although the white choc filling was plain and ordinary, it was still sweet without being overpowering. And again, the white choc filling was complementary to the soft biscuits.
Like many of the other yummy snacks in Bourbon's 'Petit' series, these white choc biscuits were very well executed.

My rating (overall):

Now let's move on to the petit matcha (Japanese powder green tea) chocolate biscuits...

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini chocolate biscuits

Posted by Linda on 22. 2013 0 comments
Here's my 4th review about Bourbon's 'Petit' series snacks, I have to admit that lately I've become OBSESSED with these little treats! They're convenient, affordable and most importantly, they're really yummy!
Today I will be reviewing this pack of mini chocolate biscuits/cookies from the 'Petit' series, apparently it's 1 of the classic favourites from the series, so of course I was urged to give it a try, especially since Bourbon's 'Petit' series is 1 of my favourite snack brands!

Imei 'Choco Roll' - Taro

Posted by Linda on 15. 2013 0 comments
For anyone who has followed my food review blog for quite some time will know that I don't often post reviews about food & snacks that are NOT from Japan, but that does not mean I don't like snacks from the rest of the world. There's no doubt I love Japanese food and snacks, but as a food junkie, pigging on snacks has always been a guilty pleasure of mineregardless of which country these snacks come from. Although I mostly post reviews about various food (mainly snacks & sweets) from Japan, in reality I probably eat non-Japanese snacks more frequently, this is because authentic Japanese snacks & sweets are much harder and rarer to find outside Japan, they are mainly only available at authentic Japanese groceries (and there are not too many of them outside Japan anyway)...whereas you can find Western and other Asian snacks virtually everywhere. I think it's because Japanese snacks are so limited & harder to find outside Japan that makes them uniquely different and more interesting for me to review about
However I always try not to forget to review the various non-Japanese snacks at least once in a while (even though I can be quite forgetful at times)...however, since it has been more than a year since I last posted a review about a snack that is not from Japan, I decided it's about time I do so again...before I forget again!

Anyway, staying in the Asia region of the world, today I will be reviewing a snack I bought from my local Chinese grocery called 'Choco Roll' by Imei; it's a Taiwanese confectionery manufacturer. I saw only 2 different flavours of the Choco Roll on the self in the snack aisle so I bought both, this is the taro flavour:

'Kinoko no Yama' cookies - Purple sweet potato

Posted by Linda on 13. 2012 1 comments
'Kinoko no Yama' is the brand name for a popular snack from Meiji, they're basically little "stem" shaped cookies with chocolate on top to replicate the shape of a mushroom, hence its name ('Kinoko' literally means mushroom in japanese). I saw this purple sweet potato flavor at Tokyomart and it sparked my interest, partially because I had tried the original milk chocolate flavor before and quite liked it.

Morinaga 'Koeda' - Afogatto chocolate + Meiji 'Fran' - Cereals & milk chocolate sticks

Posted by Linda on 04. 2012 0 comments
I'm so sorry for not updating for the past 2 weeks or so, I've been so busy juggling work and my studies and updating my numerous other blogs, I just didn't have the time to update this blog too.
But to make up for my lack of updates in this past 2 weeks or so, today I will be posting not one, but 2 snack reviews it's quite rare for me to post more than 1 review on the same day, so today is definitely a rare occasion

Today I will be reviewing 2 relatively new releases from 2 of Japan's largest snack manufacturers; Meiji and Morinaga (Glico and Lotte being the other largest companies), and they both prominently involve chocolate!
firstly, I bought this newest release flavor of Morinaga's popular chocolate twigs snack 'Koeda' (which literally means 'small twig' in Japanese) in new affogato flavor from Tokyomart:

Morinaga 'Leafy Pie' - Café au lait

Posted by Linda on 15. 2012 1 comments
I found these boxes of 'Leafy Pie' treats from Morinaga virtually squashed into a less prominent area in the snack aisle during my last trip to Tokyomart. It was the first time I've ever heard of this particular snack from Morinaga but it looked appetizing enough on the package & it sparked my interest, so I grabbed a box and put it in my shopping basket. This was the only flavor they were selling, Café au lait, which is a french coffee with hot milk added in:

'Crunky' chocolate - Matcha ice cream

Posted by Linda on 12. 2012 0 comments
Sorry for yet another very slow update, the last few weeks for me has been rather crazy with so many things going on that I haven't had the chance to update this blog.

Anyway it's been soooooo long since I last reviewed about these yummy 'Crunky' chocolate snacks from LOTTE, which is quite surprising considering it's one of those few brands I really fancy from the company, you'd think I would review about them more often. The truth is I hadn't tried any new flavors of it for a long time until recently with my latest order from NapaJapan. I was excited when I saw this new matcha ice cream flavor and since I love matcha ice cream & any matcha flavored sweets, of course I didn't hesitate to order it...however afterwards when I tried it, I was left a bit disappointed...



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