Pocky - Caramel (Special limited edition)!

Posted by Linda on 18. 2011 1 comments 0 trackback
I ordered this @ NapaJapan a while back, it's a special VERY limited edition of caramel Pocky...this particular edition was available for only a very short time in Japan in 2010. Glico (the manufacturer of the famous Pocky snacks) had randomly placed original Hello Kitty charms inside 6000 packs of this special limited edition Caramel Pocky (one charm per pack) for FREE, so each buyer had a chance to win one of the 6000 charms that were hidden randomly inside these packs.
It's no secret that I love Pocky, and I really like Hello Kitty as well, so when I saw this limited edition pack @ NapaJapan, it was too good a chance to pass!
pockyspecial1.jpg pockyspecial2.jpg

Pocky - pumpkin & caramel milk

Posted by Linda on 11. 2011 3 comments 0 trackback
it's been about a week since I last posted a entry...sorry for the slow updates, I've been quite easy this past week or so.

Anyway, more Pocky to blog about!this is the caramel milk flavor:
pocky-caramelmilk.jpg pocky-caramelmilk2.jpg
it's one of the classic favorites of this famous brand, indeed, after so many years, it still remains as one of my favorites too! Sweet caramel milk flavored light brown chocolate (with extra calcium content!) surrounding 80% of the crunchy biscuit sticks, perfect! And I like the cute animal prints on the packet!
My rating (overall):

here's the pumpkin Pocky:
pocky-pumpkin.jpg pocky-pumpkin2.jpg pocky-pumpkin3.jpg
another classic fave, sweet pumpkin chocolate coating 80% of each crispy biscuit stick, these were 'almost' just as yummy as the caramel milk! Again, cute packaging, and I really like the pretty bright pastel orange color of the choc. Just a little bit more pumpkin flavor in the choc coating & it would've been all around perfect!
My rating (overall):

Pocky - Almond crush

Posted by Linda on 30. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
I was so excited when I saw this at my local Chinese grocery 'Tong Li', because it's very rare to find genuine Japan-made snacks & sweets outside Japan, unless you go to a authentic Japanese grocery. Sure you can find lots of Japanese brand confectionery & snacks outside Japan, but most of them are made in other countries like Thailand, Singapore or China, and they're NOT genuinely made in Japan. Up till now, I could only get genuinely made in Japan snacks & sweets either online, or from a authentic Japanese grocery (and we have very few here in Australia).
I was particularly excited when I saw this Pocky at Tong Li, because unlike most Japanese brands they sell which are made in a different country, this one is genuinely made and imported directly from Japan! Honestly, I was really surprised that they're selling genuine Japan-made Pocky now. But I'm not getting my hopes up just yet, because authentic Japan-made snacks & sweets are quite expensive to bulk purchase & export, and then retail in mass stores & groceries overseas. Then again, this is probably why Japanese sweets & snacks which are made in other countries are much more commonly found overseas. So I am not expecting Tong Li to make a 180 degrees turn and start selling a whole bunch of food directly imported from Japan. But I'm thankful that they're at least selling ONE authentic Japan-made product in their store!
Ok enough of all that rambling...this is Pocky's Almond crush, it's one of their all-time popular flavors, and comes in a deluxe box of 6 packets, each packet contains 4 Pocky sticks.
pocky-almondcrush.jpg pocky-almondcrush2.jpg

'Pocky' chocolate biscuit sticks - Milk coffee

Posted by Linda on 13. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
Here's another flavor of my favorite biscuit stick snack 'Pocky'; milk coffee!
pocky-milkcoffee.jpg pocky-milkcoffee2.jpg pocky-milkcoffee3.jpg
let me just say firstly, I love the kawaii cupid prints on the packaging! Ok, moving onto the pocky sticks themselves, this is one of the original flavors of Pocky, milk coffee has been one of Pocky's most popular flavors available for years, and I'm glad it's back in production! Beautifully sweet milk coffee chocolate coating 80% of each stick, pure heaven!

My rating (overall):

'Pocky - Dessert' biscuit sticks - Banana cake & Strawberry Custard cake

Posted by Linda on 21. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
Today I will be reviewing 2 flavours of my favourite Pocky biscuit snacks, these Banana Cake and Strawberry Custard cake inspired flavours are part of Pocky's new 'Dessert' range.

Firstly, this is the Banana cake chocolate flavour, oishii!
Picture-031.jpg Picture-031b.jpg
lovely banana flavor white chocolate coating 80% of each stick and decorated with milk choc, both my mum & I loved this so much!

My rating (overall):

now let's move onto the Strawberry Custard cake flavour:

Pocky - Strawberry

Posted by Linda on 05. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
'Pocky', my favorite biscuit stick snack from Glico! And strawberry, 1 of the classic fave flavors!
Picture-055.jpg Picture-057.jpg
crispy biscuit sticks covered in sweet artificial strawberry chocolate, very nice combination, although I was a little disappointed that artificial flavouring was used, instead of using some authentic strawberry bits. But overall these strawberry Pocky sticks were very yummy.

My rating (overall):



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