Pocky 'Midi' - Matcha & 'Chocola on Chocola' - Praline chocolate biscuit sticks!

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My goodness! I hadn't updated this blog in 2 whole months! I'm so very sorry for 'abandoning' this blog YET AGAIN for so long, to be completely honest with you all, I have to admit that during these past 2 months, my life has just been so busy and I was occupied with my other blogs that I had sort of 'forgotten' about this blog (just so you know, I have 5 different blogs)! So to make it up to you all for the lack of updates, I'll be posting 2 reviews again today
I was briefly sifting through this blog when I noticed that the last time I reviewed about my favourite chocolate biscuit stick snack brand Pocky was nearly 2 YEARS AGO! I was shocked to say the least I thought to myself, just how could it have been 2 YEARS since I last reviewed about my all-time favourite snack brand?! It didn't make sense to me considering I often binge on these Pocky snacks almost every other week! However, being the forgetful person that I am, I must've forgotten to review them. But it's true that I've neglected to review these Pocky snacks for 2 years, so I decided it's high time I do so again...before I forget again! xP

Anyway, so today I will review a very new release from the Pocky snack brand and a very old release, firstly the new release, I bought this pack of Matcha flavoured chocolate biscuit sticks from Pocky's new 'Midi' range at Maruyu Japanese supermarket last week:

Pocky's 'Midi' series is still relatively new and only debuted in the Japanese market sometime late last year and since this is still a new range, currently there's only a few flavours available in the 'Midi' series. The biscuit sticks in this new 'Midi' range are basically miniature versions of the regular size Pocky chocolate biscuit sticks; they are only half the size of the regular Pocky sticks, but unlike the regular Pocky sticks, the biscuit sticks in the new 'Midi' range are double-coated with chocolate in order to compensate for the smaller size of the biscuit sticks (compared to the regular single coating for the normal size Pocky sticks) On the day I went to Maruyu last week, they only had the Pocky 'Midi' snacks in this Matcha flavour and the regular milk chocolate flavour, I decided to go for this matcha flavour since I love matcha and matcha flavoured snacks
Anyway, let's move onto the review itself shall we?

Pocky - Salty

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I was so excited to see these boxes of Salty Pocky along the snack aisle in Tokyomart and I knew I just had to grab a couple boxes of them!

pocky-salty.jpg pocky-salty2.jpg

Pocky x Mart 'Sweets' deluxe - Fromage biscuit sticks

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Here's the last collaborative Pocky flavor with Mart, which is also a deluxe Sweets release but inspired by the rich taste of Fromage:

Firstly, just a little introduction to Fromage frais for those who don't know what it is. Fromage frais is a type of rich creamy cheese that has the same consistency as cream cheese but has less calories and less cholesterol, it itself can be served as a dessert, but can also be used to make sweets & desserts.
Secondly here's my opinion on this particular Pocky, the Fromage white chocolate coating of the biscuit sticks was thick and creamy and had a decent amount of the rich Fromage flavor infused into the choc. The sweetness of the white choc just cuts back the cheesy flavor of the Fromage, but there was still enough of the lovely fromage flavor in the choc, you could just taste it. The coupling of the sweetness of the white choc and the cheesiness of the Fromage was very well balanced, neither dominated the other, both flavors complemented each other very well. And there were more rich fromage white choc swirls on top decorating each light crunchy biscuit stick. Each stick was very substantial and yes, very deluxe
I think I love this even more than the deluxe strawberry flavor!

My rating (overall):

Pocky x Mart 'Sweets' deluxe - Strawberry biscuit sticks

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here's another PockyxMart collaborative deluxe release 'Sweets Pocky' with strawberry flavor:

with thick strawberry white chocolate coating 80% of each stick, and more sweet white choc swirls to decorate, these were just as delectable as all the other yummy PockyxMart flavors!
I was also able to taste that rich strong sweetness of REAL strawberries in the pink strawberry chocolate coating, this is due to the tiny bits of REAL freeze dry strawberry infused into the choc coating. There may have been more real strawberries incorporated into the chocolate coating because the flavor of the strawberry was particularly strong, and it's not the artificial kind. The choc coating possessed that rich natural flavor & aroma of real strawberries, that artificial flavors tend to lack. So this is definitely a big plus for me, and the white chocolate decorative swirls blended really well with the richness of the strawberry choc coating.

Without a doubt, this has been added to my ever-growing list of favorite Pocky flavors!

My rating (overall):

Pocky x Mart - Deluxe Custard+Orange

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Here's another one of the 4 new collaborative flavors of Pocky released with Mart magazine; deluxe Custard+Orange:

combining the sweet custard flavored white chocolate coating with the orange-infused milk choc decorative swirls, these were irresistibly detectable also Like always, the biscuit sticks are pleasantly crunchy and crispy, and just like the PockyxMart Deluxe White+Milk chocolate flavor, the choc coating on these biscuit sticks were very substantial too; thick, melt in your mouth and the white choc was very rich. However, I felt the custard flavor in the white choc coating was just a little too subtle for my taste, it was barely detectable, so I would've preferred to have a little more custard infused into the white choc coating. But the amount of orange favor that was incorporated into the sweet brown milk choc swirls was just right for me; it wasn't too strong nor did it overpower the chocolate, but you can definitely still taste the generous amount of citric orange flavor.

Overall, these were equally irresistibly delectable to the deluxe white & milk choc flavorhowever the very subtle custard flavor in the white choc coating was just a teeny tiny little bit disappointing.

My rating (overall):

Pocky x Mart - Deluxe White+Milk chocolate biscuit sticks

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I can't believe it's been 5 months since I last blogged about my ultimate favorite snack brand; Pocky by the famous japanese manufacturer Glico! It honestly did not feel like it was that long to me, so I was shocked when I checked my last blog entry for Pocky snacks and realized it dates back to December of last year. I felt compelled to blog about Pocky again asap, so, today's food review will be Pocky related.

If you are a avid lover of this popular delectable biscuit stick snack, like me, then you may have noticed that lately the makers at Glico has teamed up with the people at Japanese lifestyle magazine 'Mart', to create 4 new deluxe flavors for Pocky. I personally have tried all 4 of these new Mart collaborative flavors and I just love them all! This deluxe White+Milk chocolate flavor I'll be reviewing today is one of those 4 collaborative flavors:

Pocky - Tsubu Tsubu strawberry [Heart]

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Here's another special edition Pocky released in 2011; Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry [Heart]!
Actually, Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry flavor Pocky is nothing new, it has been a very popular flavor of Pocky for several years now. The only difference with this new 2011 edition is that the biscuit sticks are heart shapedinstead of the normal round shaped biscuit sticks.
These new heart-shaped Tsubu strawberry Pocky sticks were released at around the later half of 2011, though it took me this long to blog about it.
pocky-hearttsubu.jpg pocky-hearttsubu3.jpg pocky-hearttsubu2.jpg

Pocky 'Chocola on Chocola' - Caramel chocolate

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Hey again, sorry for not updating these past few weeks, I had a project to do for work that was due last Friday, so I didn't have the time to update.

Anyway, if you're a regular reader of my blog, then you would know by now that I absolutely LOVE 'Pocky'! It's my ultimate favorite Japanese snack brand, I could live on it! Seriously!So what flavor Pocky will I review about today? Well, the 'Chocola on Chocola' range of yummy Pocky sticks were first released last year in 2010 in Japan in 4 flavors; Praline chocolate, Caramel choc, Double choc & Milk choc.
During my last visit to Tokyomart, I bought the Caramel chocolate
pocky-chocolacaramel1.jpg pocky-chocolatcaramel2.jpg

Pocky - Sweet milk

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It's Pocky time again! Time for another review of my favorite snack brand of all-time!

this is the classic 'Sweet milk' Pocky that my cousin gave me when I went over to her house last weekend:
pocky-sweetmilk.jpg pocky-sweetmilk2.jpg

Pocky - Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry (slim)

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It's 'Pocky' time again! The legendary biscuit stick snack from Glico, and my personal fave snack!Today I'll be reviewing about this very popular "Tsubu Tsubu strawberry" flavor:
pocky-tsubutsubu.jpg pocky-tsubutsubu2.jpg
this hugely popular Pocky flavor was renewed for a 2010 winter release in Japan...unlike most other Pocky flavors, this one comes in a slim box containing 3 packs in each box, there's a total of 21 sticks in each box; much more than usual...then again, it could be because this is a slimmer version of the regular Pocky sticks.
"Tsubu" means 'grind' or 'grains' in Japanese, indeed, each of these Pocky sticks contained 28% more REAL strawberry freeze dried bits embedded in their strawberry chocolate coating. Enhancing the sweetness of the strawberry even more, the strawberry bits also gives this pocky a more 'authentic' taste, and not the usual artificial flavors that confectionery manufacturers tend to market in their products.

Bottom line is, do I recommend this Tsubu Tsubu strawberry Pocky? Hell YES! Definitely grab a box of these! I would grab 5 boxes of these at once!

My rating (overall):



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