Morinaga 'Koeda' - Afogatto chocolate + Meiji 'Fran' - Cereals & milk chocolate sticks

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I'm so sorry for not updating for the past 2 weeks or so, I've been so busy juggling work and my studies and updating my numerous other blogs, I just didn't have the time to update this blog too.
But to make up for my lack of updates in this past 2 weeks or so, today I will be posting not one, but 2 snack reviews it's quite rare for me to post more than 1 review on the same day, so today is definitely a rare occasion

Today I will be reviewing 2 relatively new releases from 2 of Japan's largest snack manufacturers; Meiji and Morinaga (Glico and Lotte being the other largest companies), and they both prominently involve chocolate!
firstly, I bought this newest release flavor of Morinaga's popular chocolate twigs snack 'Koeda' (which literally means 'small twig' in Japanese) in new affogato flavor from Tokyomart:

Morinaga 'Leafy Pie' - Café au lait

Posted by Linda on 15. 2012 1 comments
I found these boxes of 'Leafy Pie' treats from Morinaga virtually squashed into a less prominent area in the snack aisle during my last trip to Tokyomart. It was the first time I've ever heard of this particular snack from Morinaga but it looked appetizing enough on the package & it sparked my interest, so I grabbed a box and put it in my shopping basket. This was the only flavor they were selling, Café au lait, which is a french coffee with hot milk added in:

Morinaga traditional caramels - Yaki-imo (roasted sweet potato)

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One might find it odd that I dislike caramel and tend to avoid any sweets that contain caramel, and yet I continue to buy these traditional caramels from Morinaga. The main reason for this is because there's just such a array of interesting flavors for these Morinaga caramels and more new flavors released every year, there's matcha flavored caramel, pudding flavor, even coffee caramel, I've also reviewed about the Milk and Azuki flavors.
But another reason is because ever since my first delightful experience with the milk flavor, the unusually soft, creamy and non-sticky texture & consistency of the caramels, I've been hoping, just hoping that I'll be able to experience that same soft and melty texture across the range of Morinaga caramels...unfortunately, all the subsequent flavors I have tried have been rather disappointing, to the point when I was on the verge of sticking to just the milk flavor...but, I haven't given up hope yet.

This is the Yaki-imo (roasted sweet potato) flavor:

Morinaga - 'Dars' Bitter and White chocolate

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Sorry guys for the slow updates, I have quite a busy life and don't have a lot of time to update my blogs.

Anyway, today I will review about these yummy 'Dars' chocolates from Morinaga, these 'Dars' chocolates have been in existence for many decades and has enjoyed great popularity in Japan for many years.
During my last trip to Tokyomart, I managed to get my hands on the classic white chocolate Dars, and the fairly new release 'Bitter chocolate' Dars, which is basically dark choc, released in late last year.

firstly, the white Dars chocolate:
dars-white1.jpg dars-white2.jpg

Morinaga traditional caramels - Azuki (red bean)

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These traditional caramels from Morinaga have a VERY long history, they are one of the most recognized and oldest Japanese confectioneries ever produced, its history dates back to 1897 when these traditional caramels were first produced in Japan during the Meiji Restoration! That makes these Morinaga traditional caramels 114 years old! With the Milk caramel being its debut flavor, it wasn't long before these traditional caramels found its way in every shopping basket across Japan. For many generations, Morinaga's famous traditional caramels have been a very popular family treat, in recent years, you'll find an array of different caramel flavors.

After my delightful first experience with the Milk caramel flavor, I was eager to dig into a new flavor, so for my second try of these famous caramels, I picked the azuki (red bean) caramel with much excitement.

Koeda - Milk choc

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Here's another goodie from the many sweets & snacks I bought from my last trip to Tokyomart; 'Koeda' from Morinaga:
koeda1.jpg koeda2.jpg

Morinaga traditional caramels - Milk

Posted by Linda on 27. 2011 1 comments 0 trackback
These traditional caramels from Morinaga have been a popular sweet treat in Japan for many decades, and the old-fashioned looking packaging has had very little changes over the years. Today I will blog about the original milk caramel flavor:
morinagacaramel-milk.jpg morinagacaramel-milk2.jpg
each piece of these caramels were surprisingly soft & chewy and creamy with a rich flavor of milk. They have a very different texture to regular caramels that are hard & sticky. The coupling of the sweetness of the soft caramel and the creamy milk content is a match made in heaven really!
Overall, I definitely recommend these Morinaga caramels! Even if you are someone like me who usually doesn't like caramel, even I was won over by these!
There are numerous other flavors for Morinaga caramels available, there's also the chocolate flavor, the Azuki flavor and the Matcha flavor, and more! I think I'll try the Matcha flavor next time!

My rating (overall):

you can order these Morinaga traditional caramels @ NapaJapan:

'Hi-chew' candy - Cotton candy & Melon

Posted by Linda on 25. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
'Hi-chew' or sometimes known for its Japanese name as 'Hi-chu', from Morinaga are bubblegum-like chewy candies bursting with these are the watagashi (cotton candy) & melon flavors, firstly the watagashi cotton candy:
hichewcottoncandy.jpg hichewcottoncandy2.jpg
on the label it says "Hi-chu Jr.", so I'm guessing this one is mainly targeted for children? I wasn't sure since I didn't pay much attention when I bought this at the local Chinese grocery. To the candy itself, there were about 7 candies in each pack, as expected, each candy were very chewy like bubblegum, and bursting with sweetness...there were also some caramelized sugar embedded in each piece, to give them that texture of cotton candy.
Over all, it was nice...but, not that tempting for me personally...I don't know...I guess I just don't like the idea of the sugar embedded in the candy very much...I know it gives the candy the texture of cotton candy, but still...I just wasn't very fond of it, but that's just my own preference.
My rating (overall):

now onto the melon candy:
hichu-melon.jpg hichu-melon2.jpg
I liked this one better than the cotton candy, again, very chewy & each candy was bursting with lovely Rockmelon (also known as Cantaloupe in America) flavor. I love melons & melon flavored candies!
My rating (overall):



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