Copan rusk toast - Maple sugar

Posted by Linda on 31. 2011 2 comments 0 trackback
I must say, I am absolutely smitten with these delectable 'Copan' rusk toast snacks from Meiji! Ever since my previous 2 delightful experiences with the Tuna & onion and Butter salt flavors last year, I've been having this urge to try as many of these lip-smackingly yummy Copan snacks available as I can find! So I was really excited when I saw this maple sugar Copan at Tokyomart!
copan-maplesugar.jpg copan-maplesugar2.jpg

Meiji 'Chelsea' candy - Butter scotch

Posted by Linda on 10. 2011 0 comments 0 trackback
I thought I had tried every single 'Chelsea' candy flavor there was in existence, until I was delighted to discover this new butter flavor available at NapaJapan, so I didn't hesitate to try it
chelsea-butterscotch.jpg chelsea-butterscotch2.jpg
What can I say? The guys at Meiji have done it again! Sweet, smooth and creamy texture candy with rich butter taste, it can't get any better than this! These candies were absolutely delectably irresistible!I regret only ordering one pack, I should have ordered 10 packs all in one go! This is how great these candies are!
Meiji can do no wrong with their 'Chelsea' scotch candies (except maybe the yogurt scotch, then again it depends on personal preference), and I have loved just about every Chelsea candy flavor I have tried! But I think it's safe for me to declare that these butter scotch candies are definitely the BEST of all the Chelsea candies I have tried so far!And maybe even the best candies I have ever tried overall! No, I'm not exaggerating!

Although, I did notice that the taste and texture of these butter scotch candies are strikingly very similar to the German Werther's Original caramel candies, but it was brought to my attention that these Chelsea butter scotch candies are often regarded as a "deluxe version" of Werther's Original. And I certainly agree to that, it may have a similar taste and texture to Werther's Original...only it's even better!

My rating (overall):

'Fran' chocolate sticks - White chocolate

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Today I will blog about Fran's original White biscuit stick:
fran-white.jpg fran-white2.jpg
a popular original flavor of Fran, one of the basic flavors. Firstly the biscuit sticks were baked with added cocoa powder into the mix, hence the sticks had a darker colour to the regular Fran sticks. Typically with Fran snacks, the coating has 2 layers; usually the first layer is cream covering 80% of the sticks, then the substantial layer of chocolate over the layer of cream. But I suspect for this particular White Fran, Meiji (manufacturer of Fran) skipped the cream and did a double-coating of the white choc instead. Because of this thick double-coating effect, it brings out a richer, more substantial sweet flavor of the white choc coating.

My rating (overall):

'Melty Kiss' chocolate - Matcha

Posted by Linda on 01. 2011 1 comments 0 trackback
'Melty Kiss' are these seriously delectable cubes of rich chocolate from Meiji in a deluxe fashion, it's a very popular brand in Japan and also one of my favorite brands from the company, and if you have tried these Melty Kiss chocolates before, then you will understand why! And with a brand name like that, who wouldn't be tempted?
Because I love drinking matcha & other types Japanese green teas, and have a soft spot for green tea flavored confectionery, I just couldn't go pass the matcha Melty Kiss:
meltykiss-matcha.jpg meltykiss-matcha2.jpg
individually wrapped cubes of creamy matcha chocolate coated with rich bittersweet dark choc, and dusted with more cocoa powder on top, sounds irresistible? It tastes even more delectable than it sounds, creating a melt-in-your-mouth rich chocolate sensation for your tastebuds!
Seriously, Melty Kiss chocolates are not to be missed for any confectionery lover.

My rating (overall):

'Copan' rusk - Butter salt

Posted by Linda on 14. 2010 1 comments 0 trackback
Oh boy! After my first sensational experience with those delectable tuna & onion Copan toast snacks from Meiji back in September, I couldn't wait to order my second packet of Copan! I decided to try a different flavor the second time round and ordered the butter salt flavor:
copan-buttertoast.jpg copan-buttertoast2.jpg
I actually received these in my 4th order from NapaJapan back in October, but it took me this long to blog about it.
Anyway, the flavors & seasonings of these were not as intense as the tuna & onion Copan, but they were by no means any less delicious! In fact, these were just as irresistibly tasty! The flavorings were lite & fresh, but very accurate, and the rusk toast pieces themselves were very crispy & crunchy as usual.
I highly recommend these Copan snacks, they're just so tasty, not only are they great snacks to munch on by themselves, they also make a perfect garnish to a dish.

My rating (overall):

You can order these Copan snacks at NapaJapan here:

'Fran' biscuit sticks - Fromage

Posted by Linda on 07. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
The confectionery & snacks industry worldwide is a fierce competition, and in Japan, that is particularly so. In Asia, biscuit sticks are a very popular snack...and in the competitive land of biscuit stick snacks, Glico's juggernaut 'Pocky' leads the way. Meanwhile, Meiji's 'Fran' biscuit sticks could be the near-double "underdog" of Pocky...besides 'Pepero' from Lotte (which is the cheaper Korean rip-off of Pocky).
Although Fran is almost a copy of Pocky, they still have their differences...Pocky sticks are normally thinner & longer, and typically has 1 substantial layer of chocolate coating about 80% of each stick. While Fran biscuit sticks are thicker & shorter, and they normally have 2 separate layers of coating; a base coating of cream, and then the top layer of chocolate coating about 80% of each stick...and because of this double-layers effect, you get a thicker coating.
Anyway, although my fave biscuit stick snack will always be the one and only Pocky! I also really like Fran biscuit sticks, and would often buy them once in a while. So today I will blog about Fran's 'Fromage' flavor:
fran-fromage.jpg fran-fromage2.jpg
for those who don't know, 'Fromage frais' originates in Belgium & north of France, it basically means "fresh cheese", while 'Fromage blanc' means "white cheese". Since it states on the pack the name of the flavor is simply 'Fromage', I suspect either fresh cheese or white cheese was the key flavor of this, or perhaps even a combination of both.
As soon as I took my first bite of the first stick I took out of the pack, my taste buds were instantly welcomed by a strong flavor of white chocolate with a very "cheesy" edge to it. Each biscuit stick was crunchy and the coating was thick and very pleasant. Love it!

My rating (overall):

'Yan Yan' chocolate biscuit sticks - Cream & Mango

Posted by Linda on 30. 2010 2 comments 0 trackback
I really like these 'Yan Yan' snacks from Meiji! They're fun biscuit stick snacks that you dip into chocolate or cream, oishii! Nowadays I don't buy them as much as before, but they're always a delicious treat to have once in a while. However a problem I often encounter when I eat these is that sometimes I discover there just wasn't enough biscuit sticks in each pack for the dipping, because they're so irresistibly tasty just by themselves!
Today I'm going to blog about the cream & mango Yan Yan...first the cream Yan Yan:
this is the original flavor...the biscuit sticks were lovely & crunchy, and the cream dip was thick, creamy & sweet like always, perfect!
My rating (overall):

here's the mango flavor:
yanyan-mango.jpg yanyan-mango2.jpg yanyan-mango3.jpg
the same as the cream flavor, only the dip was mango flavoured cream, this is a new flavour of Yan Yan...and it did not disappoint, the mango cream was thick with just about the right amount of mango flavor...although I would've loved it more if the mango flavor was a little bit stronger...but other than that tiny flaw, this is also a sure hit!
My rating (overall):

'Chelsea' candy - Hokkaido Milk scotch

Posted by Linda on 22. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
This is a special regional edition of Chelsea scotch candy, from the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido; Hokkaido milk scotch:

'Hello Panda' cookies - Strawberry

Posted by Linda on 18. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
I went to my local Chinese grocery yesterday for some snacks & food since I had some friends over for lunch...and considering how bad a cook I amI decided it was safer to go out and buy some snacks, as oppose to me cooking something for them. Mind you, if it was any other ordinary day, I wouldn't mind fixing myself some not-so-pleasant food...but since I had some guests over yesterday, I didn't want to embarrass myself with my terrible cooking!

Anyway, this is one of the snacks I bought...ever since I was a little kid, I've always loved these 'Hello Panda' biscuit snacks from Meiji! These lovely little biscuits filled with yummy chocolate in the center, and with these various little cute prints of the panda character on the front of each biscuit. This is 1 of the classic favorites; strawberry:
meijipanda-strawberry.jpg meijipanda-strawberry2.jpg meijipanda-strawberry3.jpg

Meiji - Rich Mango chocolate

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This is a block of Meiji's rich mango choc, it's part of their 'Rich Chocolate' range:
richmango.jpg richmango2.jpg
I have tried quite a lot of mango flavored chocolate over the years, but I had NEVER tasted one quite like this! I was amazed by the flavor from the very first bite! The mango flavor was so rich and concentrated, I was already so delighted upon the first bite as the strong flavor of rich mangos burst in my mouth! The highly concentrated flavor of mango was in no doubt the star of the show! Definitely among the best chocolates I've tasted yet! Certainly one of my most recommended sweets! It was a great experience! I just wish I had ordered more of it!

You can order Meiji's Rich Chocolate range, including this rich mango choc @ NapaJapan:
although they currently are out of stock, which isn't surprising, these sell out fast! But they should have them back in stock soon.

My rating (overall):



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