'Kinoko no Yama' cookies - Purple sweet potato

Posted by Linda on 13. 2012 1 comments
'Kinoko no Yama' is the brand name for a popular snack from Meiji, they're basically little "stem" shaped cookies with chocolate on top to replicate the shape of a mushroom, hence its name ('Kinoko' literally means mushroom in japanese). I saw this purple sweet potato flavor at Tokyomart and it sparked my interest, partially because I had tried the original milk chocolate flavor before and quite liked it.

Morinaga 'Koeda' - Afogatto chocolate + Meiji 'Fran' - Cereals & milk chocolate sticks

Posted by Linda on 04. 2012 0 comments
I'm so sorry for not updating for the past 2 weeks or so, I've been so busy juggling work and my studies and updating my numerous other blogs, I just didn't have the time to update this blog too.
But to make up for my lack of updates in this past 2 weeks or so, today I will be posting not one, but 2 snack reviews it's quite rare for me to post more than 1 review on the same day, so today is definitely a rare occasion

Today I will be reviewing 2 relatively new releases from 2 of Japan's largest snack manufacturers; Meiji and Morinaga (Glico and Lotte being the other largest companies), and they both prominently involve chocolate!
firstly, I bought this newest release flavor of Morinaga's popular chocolate twigs snack 'Koeda' (which literally means 'small twig' in Japanese) in new affogato flavor from Tokyomart:

Meiji - 'Pucca' chocolate-filled cookies

Posted by Linda on 23. 2012 0 comments
I've heard about these 'Pucca' chocolate-filled cookies from Meiji for quite some time so when I saw the original milk chocolate flavor stacked up among the snack aisle in Tokyomart, I grabbed a pack and threw it into my shopping trolley thinking it was about time I gave these seemingly cute treats a try.

the fundamentals of these cookies are frankly very basic, milk chocolate filling encased in thin cookies shaped like different cartoon fish. The fish-shaped cookie shells were surprisingly rather thin but were slightly crispier and crunchier than regular cookie shells. And each cookie shell contained a generous amount of sweet milk chocolate filling encased inside.
Overall these cookies were quite appetizing to snack on, but there's really nothing special about them as far as I can tell, does it make me want to constantly go back for more? Not really. But it's still a good treat that I would gladly munch on once in a while.
Although, I still prefer Meiji's 'Hello Panda' choc cookies which basically has the same concept except the 'Hello Panda' cookies obviously has a panda motif and its cookie shells are slightly thicker but softer in texture than Pucca's cookie shells.

My rating (overall):

'Takenoko no Sato' cookies - Cacao & Milk

Posted by Linda on 04. 2012 0 comments
I have to admit, I wasn't particularly interested in these 'Takenoko no Sato' cookies from Meiji in the past, the only reason I ordered this from NapaJapan was because they had it on sale at the time selling for only US$1 a box, so I thought "why not?", it's about time I gave these cookies a try anyway. And I'm glad I did because these were surprisingly good.

this is Takenoko no Sato in cacao & milk flavor:

the reason behind the naming of the brand for this particular cookie snack is quite literal, the hiragana 'たけのこ' (Takenoko) in its brand name literally means 'bamboo shoots' in Japanese, hence these cookies are shaped like little bamboo shoots.
Let's start of with the cookie base first, it wasn't hard like I had expected, instead the texture of the cookie bases were soft and crumbly with tiny pieces of slight bitter cacao chocolate and macadamia nuts embedded throughout. The coupling of the slight bitterness of the cacao bits and the nutty taste of the macadamia nut pieces really enriched the cookies with beautiful complementing flavors.
The slight bitterness of cacao was further enhanced with the layer of rich dark cacao chocolate on top of each cookie base, which also blended really well with the sweet white choc.

However there is one thing I'm still scratching my head about is Meiji's marketing of this particular release as a "cacao & milk" flavor release. I certainly understand the significant presence of the cacao contents used in the execution of this particular release of Takenoko no Sato cookies, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the "milk" aspect of it, because I just cannot comprehend the significance of that. If milk was suppose to be a main aspect like cacao for this marketed flavor, then it was very vaguely delivered. Unless the makers at Meiji were referring to the milk solids used in the production of the white chocolate topping, still, I think the macadamia nuts embedded in the cookie cases posed a much bigger significance.

Anyway, overall these cookies were really tasty and delectable, I really came into this taste testing without expecting much and I was pleasantly surprised that's for sure. I'm starting to regret not trying out these Takenoko no Sato snacks sooner, perhaps I would've tasted enough different released flavors of it by now to add it to my ever-growing list of favorite snack brands. But since this was only my first taste experience with these Takenoko no Sato snacks, it's too early for me to add the brand to the list...perhaps after some more tasting with different flavors will change my mind.

My rating (overall):

'Copan' rusk snacks - Salad

Posted by Linda on 30. 2012 0 comments
I'm back with a new review for these delectable crunchy little rusk toast snacks called 'Copan' from Meiji! The last Copan review I posted was almost 5 months ago, so I thought I better post another one today before I "unconsciously" decide to neglect Copan altogether!

this is the salad flavor:

Meiji Strawberry chocolate

Posted by Linda on 16. 2012 0 comments
I also bought this block of strawberry chocolate manufactured by Meiji at Tokyomart:
meiji-strawberry1.jpg meiji-strawberry2.jpg
smooth rich milk choc covered a thin layer of strawberry cream, the strawberry cream in the center was sweet but not dominant, there were also some tiny bits of REAL freeze-dry strawberry embedded in the cream, to help infuse some natural flavor of strawberries into the cream, which I thought was a neat touch...otherwise the cream would've simply tasted like artificial flavoring. But the milk choc coating still dominated over the strawberry cream, which was rather unfortunate because the strawberry flavor should've been the star of the show.
Overall, this was a nice confection from the manufacturer, I like the fact that the makers at Meiji also incorporated some freeze-dry stawberry bits into the cream, it really gave the cream some natural strawberry flavor. But the overall flavor of strawberry just wasn't enough. And the whole chocolate bar was packaged just a little bit too little, I would've liked more quantity of it for my money's worth.
Will I buy it again? Maybe.

My rating (overall):

Meiji 'Apollo' chocolate - Strawberry

Posted by Linda on 26. 2012 0 comments
I bought this small box of 'Apollo' chocolate from Meiji in original strawberry flavor at Tokyomart during my last trip there. I've read many reviews about these Apollo chocolates over the years and have seen plenty of images, so I thought it's about time I enlightened my curiosity about these little sweets.

the concept of these Apollo chocolates are really basic; a cone-shaped confectionery with 2 layers of different types of chocolate. In this case, the first layer was milk chocolate topped with the second layer of sweet pink strawberry chocolate. The sweetness of the 2 chocolate flavors complemented each other well and created a rich choc blend.
There's really not much to comment on these Apollo chocolates, they may look fancy but they're rather simple in concept & execution.
Overall these little chocs make good sweet treats to munch on anytime of the day and would satisfy anyone's sweet cravings, however there's really nothing particularly special about them in my opinion.

My rating (overall):

'Takenoko no Sato' cookies - Almond & macadamia

Posted by Linda on 01. 2012 0 comments 0 trackback
I really like these cute 'Takenoko no Sato' cookies also from Meiji, these oishii cookies with various chocolate coatings shaped like bamboo shoots, they are shaped like bamboo shoots because the hiragana 'たけのこ' (Takenoko) in its snack name literally means bamboo shoots in Japanese.

I ordered this Almond and macadamia flavor from NapaJapan:
takenoko-almondmaca.jpg takenoko-almondmaca2.jpg

Copan rusk snack - Cacao

Posted by Linda on 25. 2012 0 comments 0 trackback
After the huge success of the 'Copan' maple sugar rusk, Meiji has released yet another sweet rusk flavor, this time, capitalizing on the full flavor and benefits of cocoa aka 'cacao':
copan-cocoa.jpg copan-cocoa2.jpg
the smell of sweet cocoa immediately filled my senses as I opened the packet, and the rusks were particularly dark in colour, these factors were an indication that a great amount of cocoa powder was used and that was further proven by the taste. The makers at Meiji infused so much cocoa powder into each piece of crunchy & crispy rusk, the sweetness of cacao was so strong and concentrated, the experience was like you are eating crunchy chocolate, when it's not actually chocolate. They really utilized the taste as well as the health benefits of cacao powder to its fullest potential with these cacao rusks.
And of course these were much sweeter than the maple sugar rusks, due to the much higher concentration of sweetness from the significant amount of cacao powder used.

These sweet cacao rusks has become my new personal favorite among all Copan flavor rusk snackseven though Copan snacks are typically savory...there's really nothing I can fault with these to be honest, Copan never disappoints me!

My rating (overall):

Copan rusk toast - Chicken & Mustard

Posted by Linda on 03. 2012 2 comments 0 trackback
Happy New Year everyone!Hope you all had a lovely Xmas & New Year celebrations!
Sorry for not updating for so long, but because of the holiday season, it's not hard to believe that I've been distracted by all the holiday mania & celebrations.

Anyway, in order to kick this blog into the new year, I've chosen one of my favourite snack brands to review today; 'Copan' from Meiji for my first review for 2012! I've blogged about these lip-smackingly delectable rusk toast snacks numerous times in the past, and if you've been a regular reader, then you probably have read these reviews for this irresistible snack and know exactly what they are and just how much I'm head-over-heels in love with these tasties!
So without further ado, this time I'll review about the Chicken & Mustard flavor, which is still a relatively new flavor that was only released in very late 2011:
copan-chickenmustard.jpg copan-chickenmustard2.jpg



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