Lotte 'Pie no Mi' chocolate & Furuta 'Creamy & Crispy Pie' pastry cookies

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My last update was a little over 3 weeks ago, since I was only updating once every few months for the past 8 months, I think this would be considered an improvement, and as I promised last time, I will be returning to the glorious world of Japanese junk food! I'll also be reviewing 2 snacks today, I figured in order to save space for the blog, it would be better to post 2 reviews at a time from now on, it would also compensate for the slower updates
So today I will be reviewing 2 snacks I bought from Maruyu Japanese supermarket last week.

The first snack I will be reviewing about is this pack of 'Pie no Mi' snack manufactured by Lotte, 'Pie no Mi' is a popular snack brand of puff pastry biscuits/cookies with various chocolate fillings inside, I love them they're really delectable this is actually my second review on 'Pie no Mi' snacks, my first review for the brand was for the strawberry cheesecake flavour back in March of 2012, this is the original milk chocolate flavour:

'Crunky' chocolate - Matcha ice cream

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Sorry for yet another very slow update, the last few weeks for me has been rather crazy with so many things going on that I haven't had the chance to update this blog.

Anyway it's been soooooo long since I last reviewed about these yummy 'Crunky' chocolate snacks from LOTTE, which is quite surprising considering it's one of those few brands I really fancy from the company, you'd think I would review about them more often. The truth is I hadn't tried any new flavors of it for a long time until recently with my latest order from NapaJapan. I was excited when I saw this new matcha ice cream flavor and since I love matcha ice cream & any matcha flavored sweets, of course I didn't hesitate to order it...however afterwards when I tried it, I was left a bit disappointed...

Lotte 'Pie no Mi' cookies - Strawberry cheesecake

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I hadn't ordered from in almost 2 years, so back in January I decided to place another order with them and I received the package sometime last month.

This is one of the yummy goodies I ordered from them, I really like these 'Pie no Mi' snacks from Lotte, these decent bite-sized yummy hexagonal-shaped puff pastry cookies with various cream fillings. This is the Strawberry cheesecake flavor:
pienomi-strawcheesecake.jpg pienomi-strawcheesecake2.jpg
I knew even before I ordered these that I was overall going to be satisfied with these regardless because 'Pie no Mi' is one of the few snack brands from Lotte that has me wanting more of, but, I try not to be too bias in my reviews

Tokyomart trip #2 + 2 more LOTTE sweets!

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It's been many months since I last blogged about a product from Lotte, as I hadn't bought any from the company for a long while.
With that said, last Friday while shopping for snacks with a friend who lives in Northbridge in northern Sydney, we stopped by at popular Tokyomart (one of the very few AUTHENTIC Japanese groceries in Australia). It was my second trip ever to Tokyomart (you can read about my first ever visit to the grocery here). Needless to say, every time I step into this wonderful Japanese grocery, the feeling is so exhilarating I turn into a excited little kid in a candy store! I've envied my friend ever since she moved to Northbridge in October last year, who lives just a 5 minutes walk away from Tokyomart.

Anyway, so while we were in Tokyomart, I practically went on a shopping spree (like I always do when I'm in Tokyomart), stacking up on as many food and snacks I can possibly afford out of my pocket at the time ($60+ as a matter of fact)! About 97% of my heavy overloaded shopping basket consisted of some of my favorite Japanese snacks & sweets. And since it had been an unusually long time I last bought Lotte products, of course, I grabbed a few Lotte sweets too while I was there.

'My Cube' gum - Cola

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'My Cube' is a chewing gum brand from Lotte, I don't think it's a new brand from the company, as I recall there was a cube version released as part of Lotte's '+X' chewing gum range (which seem to have ceased production) back in 2008 I think. 'My Cube' appears to be just a newer "revamped" version of the older +X Cube chewing gum.
Anyway, this was my first experience with this particular chewing gum brand, I like Lotte's 'Xylitol' chewing gum, so I decided to give this one a try.
So for my first My Cube experience, I decided to go for the Cola flavor:
mycube-cola.jpg mycube-cola2.jpg
the gums came in a little flip open case that you can re-seal to sustain the freshness. The instant I opened up the packet I was welcomed by the pleasant smell of cola, each piece of soft chewing gum was encased in a cube shaped shell. Each had a generous amount of cola flavor as you bite and chew into them, refreshing your mouth with the smell of cola. But other than that, there's really nothing special about this particular gum.
I've tried other gums over the years which I've savored and enjoyed a lot more, so this is certainly not a "must-try" gum in my opinion.

My rating (overall):
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'Toppo' biscuit sticks - Matcha mousse

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here's another popular biscuit stick snack brand that I'm sure some of you have at least heard of; 'Toppo' from Lotte. It's similar to Glico's famous 'Pocky' sticks, only Toppo is the inverted version, instead of having chocolate coating the biscuit sticks, Toppo sticks have choc filling inside each stick. Here's the matcha mousse flavor:
toppo-matchamousse.jpg toppo-matchamousse2.jpg
melt-in-your-mouth sweet matcha mousse chocolate filling the COMPLETE length of each biscuit stick, yum! And the biscuit sticks themselves were crunchy & crispy.
Although Pocky will always remain my #1 snack, These Toppo snacks are really yummy to munch on too, and they're available in some exciting flavors too, so why not pick up or order a pack? This matcha mousse flavor is so far, one of my fave Toppo flavors.

My rating (overall):

you can order Toppo snacks, as well as Pocky & other great Japanese snacks at NapaJapan:

'Xylitol' gum - Fresh mint

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'Xylitol' is a popular chewing gum brand from Lotte, Xylitol (a natural sweetener) is used as a healthier substitute for any "bad" sweeteners in its chewing gums, hence the name of the brand. This is the original fresh mint flavor:
xylitol-mint.jpg xylitol-mint2.jpg
you immediately experience a burst of strong fresh mint flavor that not only freshens your breath instantly, but helps keep your teeth strong.
I do have 1 complaint, the mint flavor almost completely dissolved within a matter of some minutes, it would've been better if the fresh mint flavor was longer lasting.

My rating (overall):
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'Koala no March' - Caramel Au Lait

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I love these 'Koala no March' snacks, and there's a new winter special edition flavor available now; Caramel Au Lait, basically caramel latte!
koalanomarch-caramelaulait.jpg koalanomarch-caramelaulait2.jpg
creamy caramel latte chocolate filling with crunchy biscuit casing, and of course, the cute pictures of the koala mascot printed on each biscuit. I think this has just become one of my fave 'Koala no March' flavors!
Also, when you eat these straight from the packet, the biscuits have cooled & the choc filling has hardened. To beat the chilly winter, you can also heat these biscuits up, just whack these in the microwave for about 30 seconds, the biscuits will warm up & the choc filling will melt. I noticed that these are just as yummy when heated up!

My rating (overall):

'Crunky' chocolate - White

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Very similar to the purple sweet potato Crunky, only the confection is entirely in white chocolate:
crunky-white1.jpg crunky-white2.jpg crunky-white3.jpg
individually packaged pieces of lovely melt-in-your-mouth sweet white chocolate with the Crunky staple of crispy malt puffs embedded in each piece. What more can I say?

My rating (overall):

'Crunky' chocolate - Purple sweet potato

Posted by Linda on 20. 2010 1 comments 0 trackback
here's another great flavor from LOTTE's popular 'Crunky' chocolate brand; Purple sweet potato. Roasted sweet potatos has long been a popular lite snack in Japan for many centuries, and it is still quite popular today, and with increasing popularity of the purple sweet potatos. I personally was never too fond of eating roasted sweet potatos on their own, but hey, when I saw this new flavor Crunky from LOTTE, sweet potatos with chocolate, what a wonderful combination! So I was really excited about this and didn't hesitate to order it at NapaJapan!
crunky-purplepotato.jpg crunky-purplepotato2.jpg crunky-purplepotato3.jpg



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