Pretz - Ham & cheese

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I can start rambling on about how great Glico's 'Pretz' biscuit sticks snacks are and how much I love them, but I will refrain from doing so this time, since I have blogged about so many Pretz flavors already over the years, I'm sure I've at least expressed once before about my undying love for this irresistibly lip-smackingly oishii (yummy) biscuit sticksSo yes, no ramblings this time.

By the way, this review with be very short & brief because it's currently almost 3am here in Sydney and I'm very tired & eager to hit the sack...and don't even bother asking me why I've stayed up so late, it's a long story.
I promise I'll type a longer review next time.

Anyway, this is the ham & cheese flavor Pretz I picked up at my local asian grocery during my last shopping trip there the other day:
pretz-hamcheese.jpg pretz-harmcheese2.jpg

Pocky - Tsubu Tsubu strawberry [Heart]

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Here's another special edition Pocky released in 2011; Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry [Heart]!
Actually, Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry flavor Pocky is nothing new, it has been a very popular flavor of Pocky for several years now. The only difference with this new 2011 edition is that the biscuit sticks are heart shapedinstead of the normal round shaped biscuit sticks.
These new heart-shaped Tsubu strawberry Pocky sticks were released at around the later half of 2011, though it took me this long to blog about it.
pocky-hearttsubu.jpg pocky-hearttsubu3.jpg pocky-hearttsubu2.jpg

Collon - Strawberry cookies

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Glico is perhaps my favorite Japanese confectionery manufacturer! They produce many of my favorite Japanese snack brands such as the famous 'Pocky' and 'Pretz' biscuit stick snacks, as well as the 'Cratz' and 'Ta Pasta' savory snacks, I've also tried and loved many more of their other products. They are also one of Japan's largest and most famous confectionery companies alongside Meiji and Lotte.

Another one of Glico's popular snack brands is 'Collon', these yummy soft cylindrical shaped cookies with cream or chocolate fillings. Collon is also one of my favorite snack brands, I've loved them for years! They come in several different new flavors each year.
This is the strawberry Collon:
collon-strawberry.jpg collon-strawberry2.jpg

Pocky 'Chocola on Chocola' - Caramel chocolate

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Hey again, sorry for not updating these past few weeks, I had a project to do for work that was due last Friday, so I didn't have the time to update.

Anyway, if you're a regular reader of my blog, then you would know by now that I absolutely LOVE 'Pocky'! It's my ultimate favorite Japanese snack brand, I could live on it! Seriously!So what flavor Pocky will I review about today? Well, the 'Chocola on Chocola' range of yummy Pocky sticks were first released last year in 2010 in Japan in 4 flavors; Praline chocolate, Caramel choc, Double choc & Milk choc.
During my last visit to Tokyomart, I bought the Caramel chocolate
pocky-chocolacaramel1.jpg pocky-chocolatcaramel2.jpg

Pocky - Sweet milk

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It's Pocky time again! Time for another review of my favorite snack brand of all-time!

this is the classic 'Sweet milk' Pocky that my cousin gave me when I went over to her house last weekend:
pocky-sweetmilk.jpg pocky-sweetmilk2.jpg

Pocky - Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry (slim)

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It's 'Pocky' time again! The legendary biscuit stick snack from Glico, and my personal fave snack!Today I'll be reviewing about this very popular "Tsubu Tsubu strawberry" flavor:
pocky-tsubutsubu.jpg pocky-tsubutsubu2.jpg
this hugely popular Pocky flavor was renewed for a 2010 winter release in Japan...unlike most other Pocky flavors, this one comes in a slim box containing 3 packs in each box, there's a total of 21 sticks in each box; much more than usual...then again, it could be because this is a slimmer version of the regular Pocky sticks.
"Tsubu" means 'grind' or 'grains' in Japanese, indeed, each of these Pocky sticks contained 28% more REAL strawberry freeze dried bits embedded in their strawberry chocolate coating. Enhancing the sweetness of the strawberry even more, the strawberry bits also gives this pocky a more 'authentic' taste, and not the usual artificial flavors that confectionery manufacturers tend to market in their products.

Bottom line is, do I recommend this Tsubu Tsubu strawberry Pocky? Hell YES! Definitely grab a box of these! I would grab 5 boxes of these at once!

My rating (overall):

Pocky - Caramel (Special limited edition)!

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I ordered this @ NapaJapan a while back, it's a special VERY limited edition of caramel Pocky...this particular edition was available for only a very short time in Japan in 2010. Glico (the manufacturer of the famous Pocky snacks) had randomly placed original Hello Kitty charms inside 6000 packs of this special limited edition Caramel Pocky (one charm per pack) for FREE, so each buyer had a chance to win one of the 6000 charms that were hidden randomly inside these packs.
It's no secret that I love Pocky, and I really like Hello Kitty as well, so when I saw this limited edition pack @ NapaJapan, it was too good a chance to pass!
pockyspecial1.jpg pockyspecial2.jpg

'Pretz' biscuit sticks - Pizza

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Sorry I haven't been updating for a while...I've been quite busy this past week...I initially was going to update yesterday, but after hearing about the massive devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan yesterday which caused a huge tsunami to sweep across the country, I was so overwhelmed with shock and worry for all my relatives & family who are living there. I spent much of the day yesterday trying to contact my loved ones, I'm still in a state of shock right now, and I pray for the safety of all the people of Japan.

Because I'll be spending more efforts in much of today to contact my loved ones in Japan, running errands and babysitting my niece, this will only be a very short and brief review.

Pretz 'Pizza':
pretz-pizza.jpg pretz-pizza2.jpg
these classic crispy and crunchy Pretz sticks were perfectly and accurately seasoned in a resealable bag to lock in the freshness.
My only very minor complaint about it is that I felt there wasn't enough pretz sticks in the pack, I wanted more!

My rating (overall):

'Cratz' snacks - Smokey cheese

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After my pleasant encounter with Glico's 'Cratz' snacks with the Pepper bacon & almond Cratz, I couldn't wait to order my next packet of this lip-smacking snack! I decided to go for the smokey cheese this time:
cratz-smokeycheese.jpg cratz-smokeucheese2.jpg
once again, these lovely crunchy pretzel bites were seasoned nicely and accurately along with whole toasted almond pieces inside the pack. But like all Cratz snacks, the flavors might become too salty for your palate the more you consume, since these Cratz snacks are originally made to accompany a beverage like beer. So it's better to munch on these with some water or a beverage.
These Cratz snacks are great for parties, or just have them all to yourself, I always keep these to myself!

My rating (overall):

'Watering Kissmint' gum - Peach & peach

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I have long been intrigued by these popular 'Watering Kissmint' chewing gums from Glico, mainly because of its unusual but very tempting name. So when I saw that these gums are available at, I decided to finally give it a try & I ordered the Peach & peach flavor:
kissmint-peach.jpg kissmint-peach2.jpg
these thin wide strips of gum were infused with loads of juicy peach flavor, there's 2 types of peach used; white and yellow peach, hence the flavor is "peach & peach". You can see in the 2nd photo above that each piece of gum has these thin pink lines running vertically down the strips of gum, these are supposedly lines of flavor of the white peach.
when I opened up the packet, I noticed at the back of the top flip that those pink lines are labeled as "water lines"...I'm not sure what that meant exactly, or the purpose of those pink lines, but I'm assuming they're trying to emphasize on the brand name.
Anyway, I really liked the peach flavor of the gum, so rich & fruity, not to mention they freshen your breath and they were indeed "juicy"...I guess that's how the brand name came about, ne?
Although the peach flavor doesn't last very long...which is the only aspect I will fault on.
But overall, after trying this flavor, I definitely recommend these Watering Kissmint chewing gums! I think I'll try the grape flavor next time.

My rating (overall):
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