'Copan' rusk snacks - Salad

Posted by Linda on 30. 2012 0 comments
I'm back with a new review for these delectable crunchy little rusk toast snacks called 'Copan' from Meiji! The last Copan review I posted was almost 5 months ago, so I thought I better post another one today before I "unconsciously" decide to neglect Copan altogether!

this is the salad flavor:

Copan rusk snack - Cacao

Posted by Linda on 25. 2012 0 comments 0 trackback
After the huge success of the 'Copan' maple sugar rusk, Meiji has released yet another sweet rusk flavor, this time, capitalizing on the full flavor and benefits of cocoa aka 'cacao':
copan-cocoa.jpg copan-cocoa2.jpg
the smell of sweet cocoa immediately filled my senses as I opened the packet, and the rusks were particularly dark in colour, these factors were an indication that a great amount of cocoa powder was used and that was further proven by the taste. The makers at Meiji infused so much cocoa powder into each piece of crunchy & crispy rusk, the sweetness of cacao was so strong and concentrated, the experience was like you are eating crunchy chocolate, when it's not actually chocolate. They really utilized the taste as well as the health benefits of cacao powder to its fullest potential with these cacao rusks.
And of course these were much sweeter than the maple sugar rusks, due to the much higher concentration of sweetness from the significant amount of cacao powder used.

These sweet cacao rusks has become my new personal favorite among all Copan flavor rusk snackseven though Copan snacks are typically savory...there's really nothing I can fault with these to be honest, Copan never disappoints me!

My rating (overall):

Copan rusk toast - Chicken & Mustard

Posted by Linda on 03. 2012 2 comments 0 trackback
Happy New Year everyone!Hope you all had a lovely Xmas & New Year celebrations!
Sorry for not updating for so long, but because of the holiday season, it's not hard to believe that I've been distracted by all the holiday mania & celebrations.

Anyway, in order to kick this blog into the new year, I've chosen one of my favourite snack brands to review today; 'Copan' from Meiji for my first review for 2012! I've blogged about these lip-smackingly delectable rusk toast snacks numerous times in the past, and if you've been a regular reader, then you probably have read these reviews for this irresistible snack and know exactly what they are and just how much I'm head-over-heels in love with these tasties!
So without further ado, this time I'll review about the Chicken & Mustard flavor, which is still a relatively new flavor that was only released in very late 2011:
copan-chickenmustard.jpg copan-chickenmustard2.jpg

Copan rusk toast - Maple sugar

Posted by Linda on 31. 2011 2 comments 0 trackback
I must say, I am absolutely smitten with these delectable 'Copan' rusk toast snacks from Meiji! Ever since my previous 2 delightful experiences with the Tuna & onion and Butter salt flavors last year, I've been having this urge to try as many of these lip-smackingly yummy Copan snacks available as I can find! So I was really excited when I saw this maple sugar Copan at Tokyomart!
copan-maplesugar.jpg copan-maplesugar2.jpg

'Copan' rusk - Butter salt

Posted by Linda on 14. 2010 1 comments 0 trackback
Oh boy! After my first sensational experience with those delectable tuna & onion Copan toast snacks from Meiji back in September, I couldn't wait to order my second packet of Copan! I decided to try a different flavor the second time round and ordered the butter salt flavor:
copan-buttertoast.jpg copan-buttertoast2.jpg
I actually received these in my 4th order from NapaJapan back in October, but it took me this long to blog about it.
Anyway, the flavors & seasonings of these were not as intense as the tuna & onion Copan, but they were by no means any less delicious! In fact, these were just as irresistibly tasty! The flavorings were lite & fresh, but very accurate, and the rusk toast pieces themselves were very crispy & crunchy as usual.
I highly recommend these Copan snacks, they're just so tasty, not only are they great snacks to munch on by themselves, they also make a perfect garnish to a dish.

My rating (overall):

You can order these Copan snacks at NapaJapan here:

'Copan' rusk snacks - Tuna & onion

Posted by Linda on 21. 2010 1 comments 0 trackback
This is a pack of Italian-inspired 'Copan' snack from Meiji (the largest & one of the most famous Japanese confectionery/snacks & pharmaceutical company), this is the tuna & onion flavor:
copan-tuna.jpg copan-tuna2.jpg
I ordered this at NapaJapan in my 3rd order with the site, this was the very first pack of Copan snack I ever bought, so I didn't know what to expect initially. I read in the item description at NapaJapan, and it states that these Copan snacks are mini crispy toast ovals with savory flavors. They sounded very interesting & tempting so I decided on the tuna & onion flavor as my first try, and I'm glad I did! I was so pleasantly surprised by these! Each of the toast pieces were beautifully golden, crispy & crunchy, and bursting with loads of lovely tuna & onion flavor! These were so irresistibly tasty, that I had a hard time stopping, piece after piece, I popped them in my mouth, savoring the seriously addictive flavors & crispiness of each piece.
My mum loved these Copan toast pieces too, we actually fought over the pack! I did let her have a few pieces, but then I had to lock myself in my room just to prevent her from snatching anymore from the pack!

Overall, these were absolutely delicious, a highly recommended snack that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere!
There are currently 5 different flavors of Copan available (all sounding & looking so delectable!), you can order them at NapaJapan here:

My rating (overall):



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