Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini Strawberry chocolate biscuits

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Well technically Xmas has already passed, so I suppose it's a 'belated' Xmas greeting from me!

Ok, so it seems like I have reverted back to my old habit of only updating this blog once every several months since my last update was 5 months ago I'm so sorry everyone, and I won't even begin to explain myself again about why I had abandoned this blog for so long AGAIN, I'm sure you all are tired of my excuses by now, so I won't waste anymore time and let's just get right into my food reviews for today shall we?

A few days ago just before Xmas eve, I went shopping at Maruyu Japanese grocery again with some friends in the city, I was in the mood for some strawberry-flavoured snacks at the time so I bought these 2 different packets of strawberry biscuits (cookies) from Bourbon's popular 'Petit' brand of snacks. And if you have been a long-time follower of this blog, then I'm sure you will remember I had mentioned before in the past that I have become a huge fan of Bourbon's 'Petit' series of yummy snacks so I couldn't resist to grab some more of these yummy goodies while I was at Maruyu. One of the 'Petit' strawberry snacks I bought was a packet of mini strawberry chocolate biscuits, and the other is a packet of mini strawberry chocolate chip cookies
I will start my reviews with this pack of mini strawberry biscuits with strawberry chocolate filling:

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini Peas & Consommé potato chips

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I hope you all had a joyous Xmas and New Year celebrations I do sincerely apologize for not updating for soooo long, believe it or not, while most people were enjoying the relaxing holiday season, I still had to go to work during this busy summer break! During the course of the holiday period, I've been working 6 days a week because I had to fill-in for several colleagues who went on vacations on top of working my own shifts! so I didn't have much free time during the past several weeks. But now that some of my colleagues have returned from their holidays, I'm finally back to working only 4 days a week, thus I finally have the free time to update my blogs again

Anyway, moving onto my food reviews for today, I think it's rather obvious judging from my more recent reviews that I've developed an 'obsession' for Bourbon's 'Petit' series snacks (as I had emphasized once before), they are just too irresistibly good! so it shouldn't come as a total surprise that today I will be reviewing 2 more snacks from the company's most popular snack brand!
So I went to Maruyu again last week and bought these Peas and Consommé flavoured mini potato chips from the 'Petit' series. I often say that Japan is a country that has practically everything, and it could not be more true, Japan has literally everything from the super cool stuff to the adoringly kawaii things, the interesting things, and then there's the downright bizarre and wacky. This is why I love Japan and find it to be such a fascinating country, they have the cool, kawaii, interesting, innovative, bizarre and wacky all combined into 1 nation! and the Japanese do love to come up with some weird and wacky flavour ideas for their snacks and junk food such as their soy sauce and wasabi flavoured Kit Kats, and corn potage or some other savory flavoured ice pops/popsicles. And that's certainly the case again here, I mean, who besides the Japanese would think of peas or consommé flavoured potato chips? None, only the Japanese would!

Anyway, I'll review the consommé flavoured potato chips first:

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini White & Matcha chocolate biscuits

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Since I have been so slow with updates lately I decided to post 2 snack reviews today again to make up for the lack of recent updates
Today I will be reviewing 2 more snacks from Bourbon's popular 'Petit' series; mini white chocolate and matcha chocolate biscuits/cookies, they're virtually the same as the mini milk chocolate biscuits I reviewed last time, only with different types of choc fillings.

I will review the mini white chocolate biscuits first:

like I mentioned before, these white choc biscuits are virtually the same as the milk choc ones, these biscuits also have the same lovely soft and melty texture as the milk choc ones...and just like the milk choc biscuits, the white choc filling in these biscuits were also rather basic and nothing special in comparison to the soft biscuits.
However overall, these white choc biscuits were still really yummy, the soft and melty biscuits were still the star of the show, and although the white choc filling was plain and ordinary, it was still sweet without being overpowering. And again, the white choc filling was complementary to the soft biscuits.
Like many of the other yummy snacks in Bourbon's 'Petit' series, these white choc biscuits were very well executed.

My rating (overall):

Now let's move on to the petit matcha (Japanese powder green tea) chocolate biscuits...

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini chocolate biscuits

Posted by Linda on 22. 2013 0 comments
Here's my 4th review about Bourbon's 'Petit' series snacks, I have to admit that lately I've become OBSESSED with these little treats! They're convenient, affordable and most importantly, they're really yummy!
Today I will be reviewing this pack of mini chocolate biscuits/cookies from the 'Petit' series, apparently it's 1 of the classic favourites from the series, so of course I was urged to give it a try, especially since Bourbon's 'Petit' series is 1 of my favourite snack brands!

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini Chicken crackers

Posted by Linda on 06. 2013 0 comments
Now let's return to the diverse world of Japanese snacks, lately I've been craving alot of snacks from Bourbon's popular 'Petit' series, I can't help it, they're just too irresistably yummy! So today I will be reviewing another treat from this delectable mini snack series, and it will be another savoury snack, mini chicken crackers!

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini Black cocoa & Kinako biscuits!

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Since I had literally abandoned this blog (again) for more than a month, I decided to post 2 snack reviews today to make up for the lack of recent updates and yes, today I will be reviewing 2 more snacks from Bourbon's 'Petit' series, I just can't help it, I love these little yummy delights too much!

Today I will be reviewing the petit black cocoa cookies/biscuits and the kinako wafer biscuits from the series, firstly here's the mini black cocoa biscuits:

these cute little biscuits are basically cocoa biscuits with white vanilla cream in the center, they are like a miniature version of the famous 'Oreo' biscuits...but the flavours and textures are abit different. I think these mini cocoa biscuits have a slightly softer texture and are slightly less sweet compared to the standard Oreo biscuits, however the flavours were very good. And the high concentration of the cocoa content gave the biscuits a very nice rich black colour.
Overall, although these mini black cocoa biscuits are very basic, they were still yummy nonetheless, the texture of the biscuits was good; not too hard and not too soft with a nice soft crunch to them, and the balance of the sweetness was perfect; not too sweet. These biscuits have also become 1 of my favorite snack types in Bourbon's 'Petit' series!

My rating (overall):

now let's move onto the mini Kinako wafer biscuits...

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini potato chips

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I love the 'Petit' series brand of yummy mini treats from popular Japanese snack manufacturer Bourbon, basically they are a range of yummy classic snacks & treats (mostly cookies/biscuits) made into small bite-size pieces, there are currently 24 different types of mini treats in the 'Petit' series range, and still growing. The 'Petit' series is 1 of Bourbon's trademark brands and it's very popular in Japan because of their convenience, the little snacks are conveniently packaged and they're great for sharing with friends or just to keep them for yourself, not to mention they're really yummy too! I always buy a whole bunch of these mini snacks from the Petit series whenever I am in Japan, but they are surprisingly difficult to find online. So I was over the moon when I discovered a whole section on the top shelf in the snack aisle at Maruyu dedicated to Bourbon's Petit series snacks! I saw 7 or 8 different types of treats from the Petit series on the shelf, since I love them so much I didn't hesitate to grab a pack of every type available and threw them into my shopping basket!
Today I will review about 1 of my favourite types of treats from the series; mini potato chips!

Bourbon - 'Every Burger' cookies

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Finally, my first review for a snack that's produced by Bourbon; another well-known Japanese confectionery & snack manufacturer in Japan, but is still much less renown overall than its larger & more famous rivals Glico, Meiji, Morinaga & Lotte.

I have seen these 'Every Burger' cookies from Bourbon on NapaJapan's catalog for quite some years and have seen them being blogged at numerous other food review blogs. I have also seen a very old Japanese commercial for these 'Every Burger' snacks which appears to date back to the 80's, which prompts me to believe that these little "burger" snacks have been around for the last few decades. With such a long existence, these little "burger" cookies must have quite a popularity in Japan.

I myself have been intrigued by these Every Burger cookies for quite some time, so I felt it was high time I tried these myself, so I ordered a box on my last order with NapaJapan:

everyburger.jpg everyburger2.jpg



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