ALDI supermarket - 'Dairy Fine' assorted chocolates!

Posted by Linda on 05. 2015 0 comments
Hi again everyone, I'm back with more new snack reviews! Today I will review 2 more great snack products from ALDI discount supermarket

I picked up these 100g packs of Dairy Fine milk chocolate block varieties at my local ALDI supermarket yesterday, 'Dairy Fine' is another private brand of ALDI's, it's the brand they use to market some of their chocolate snacks varieties. As labeled on the packaging, these Dairy Fine chocolate blocks only cost $1 each! That's insanely cheap! I couldn't resist to buy a packet of every flavour variety on the shelf! There's quite a good selection of these chocolates available, I think I bought about 7 different varieties in total, but I'll only be reviewing 2 flavour varieties today, and I'll review the others next time. These are the strawberry and peppermint flavours with milk chocolate:

ALDI supermarket - 'Sprinters' assorted potato chips

Posted by Linda on 19. 2015 2 comments
Hi again everyone, I'm back with more snack reviews! This time I'm going to take another break from reviewing Japanese snacks, as much as I'm obsessed with Japanese snacks, there's just so much great snacks from other parts of the world too, so once in a while I feel compelled to reserve some room in this blog for reviews about non-Japanese food and snacks. And since the last time I reviewed about anything not Japanese related was back in June last year, I felt it's about time to post more reviews about non-Japanese food and snacks, so today's reviews will be a few of them

But before I start with today's reviews, I just wanted to express how much my life has become so much easier ever since the ALDI discount supermarket store opened in my suburb about 2 years ago! Ever since the store opened near my neighbourhood, I have been frequently buying most of my groceries there, many of their products are very good quality and sold at very cheap prices, just about all the products they sell are cheaper than other supermarkets, you will always find great bargains at the ALDI supermarket, thanks to ALDI, I have saved on alot of money over the years on my groceries ever since I switched to shopping at their store ALDI makes many of their own products through their own private brands. One of ALDI's own private brands is called Sprinters, apparently it is ALDI's own brand of potato chips snacks, and today I will be reviewing an assortment of Sprinters potato chips!
Firstly, I will start with this large 200g (NOT 2kg! I don't know why I typed 2kg, I must've been thinking about something else! XP) packet of Sprinters crinkle-cut potato chips in chicken flavour:

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