Kit Kat - Kokutou & Kinako and dark chocolate

Posted by Linda on 26. 2010 2 comments 0 trackback
2 more Japanese Kit Kat flavors to review, today I will blog about the Kokutou & Kinako flavor & dark...firstly, the dark:
it's basically just dark chocolate KK, the simple slightly bitter rich dark choc coating the crispy wafers, and since I LOVE dark choc, it really couldn't get any better than this for me!
My rating (overall):

now the Kokutou & Kinako flavor:
kitkat-kinako.jpg kitkat-kinako2.jpg
this one is definitely a more complex flavor, the chocolate coating is enriched with kokutou (brown sugar) flavor, with sweet kinako (soy bean) powder flavor choc between the wafers, so you get 2 different flavors in this one, but they both blend in quite well together. The kinako choc between the wafers had a somewhat peanut taste...though I could barely taste the kinako because the flavor from the kokutou choc coating was so overpowering anything else, to the extent that mostly all I could taste was brown sugar kokutou...with barely tastes of choc & kinako. This is my only tiny complaint about this KK, I felt the kokutou flavor was just a bit too strong...I would've enjoyed it more if the kokutou flavor wasn't so overpowering, so to bring out more of the kinako flavor...oh well.
But overall, this was yet another interesting KK experience for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed savoring it.
My rating (overall):

Kit Kat flavors food items very tasty. In fact I was eaten this kit kat last Sunday. But now I want to buy this similar Kit Kat. But how much price it ?
2013.02.19 16:46 | URL | gluten free soy sauces #- [edit]
Hi, I originally bought both Kit Kat flavors online at NapaJapan, I forgot how much they cost since it was quite a long time ago.
I just visited NapaJapan's site again last week...and it seems they don't sell Japanese Kit Kats anymore unfortunatelyv-390
2013.06.28 23:42 | URL | Linda #- [edit]

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